Cincinnati Reds Analysis

Although the recent journey has been quite painful, I am a long time Cincinnati Reds fan. As a loyal fan, I filled with pride and enthusiasm during the good times, and feel the woeful pain during struggling periods.

For the past 2 years, many Reds fans have boasted about the offense while begging for more pitching. On the other hand, I have been saying the offense is the problem.

Below are links to posts (elsewhere) from several weeks ago looking at the Reds team numbers to date so you can decided.





Is John McCain Saying This?

John McCain shocked all of us with his selection of Governor Palin. Although I have no doubt she can spell potato and accurately shoot game, her selection does reinforce the McCain’s maverick side. So I ask this question.

Senator McCain continually speaks about the importance of changing Washington, and the selection of Governor Palin as a reform-minded outsider reinforces that image. As I watched yesterday’s rally, which was about an hour away, I noticed recognizable members of Congress from southwestern Ohio.

If Senator McCain wants to change Washington, will he call upon voters to remove current members of Congress, regardless of their party? If not, is he actually reinforcing business as usual?

Why not Enjoy a Good Political Speech?

Yesterday I mentioned to two friends that I enjoy listening to a good political speech at each of the party conventions. In both cases, each friend couldn’t get past points as who was giving the speech or what party the speaker represents. Again, I was simply saying I enjoy a good political speech regardless of the party.

I know today’s conventions more closely resemble a four-day infomercial rather than the political maneuvering ones of my youth. All I was saying that I enjoy a good political speech because I can listen to them from an entertainment standpoint. Rhetoric and political preferences aside, good political speeches are full of enthusiasm, passion, and a special kind of wit. Writing a good speech is one skill, but delivering it is another story.

How can anyone not appreciate Ted Kennedy’s “Where’s George” speech in 1988 or Jesse Jackson bringing the house to tears? Ronald Reagan’s personal charm always delivered. I recall GOP Representative Guy Vanderjack having me glued to the television.

Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer was fun and fired up. Joe Biden was ok. Hillary Clinton did a great job, and President Clinton hit a home run. No doubt about it, Barack Obama is a gifted orator. Touching moments as Beau Biden also bring unexpected pleasures. On the other hand, conventions displaying the mundane and the blowhards at the podium also rings, “Be thankful for DVR and YouTube!”

As the Democrats leave Denver, I look forward to next week with hopes of the Republicans showcasing their gifted speakers as well because I appreciate a good political speech. And yes, I do also listen to the content for substance – after all, I’m an undecided independent voter in a swing state; but one who happens to enjoy a good political speech for what it is.

A New Angle on the Block

Hello there, and this is my first post on this site!

Since I’ve posted in several locations in the past, I thought it would be best to join the Word Press community. Besides, this outlet also allows me to venture into a variety of topics. Given an election year, now is a wonderful time to make the change!

To readers I promise insight, yet will respect comments from others. I will be respectful to all as bashing is not my style, thus hope others are the same. Disagreement and criticism are fine, but it should be done with class. Other times I will simply provide information for readers to use.

For this first post I’ve used the tags of the areas I will most-commonly use. In the future I will only use pertinent tags, thus my apologies.

The blogroll lists some friends I respect, thus I invite you to visit their site.

Thanks for visiting, and now if I can just determine how to get readers.