A New Angle on the Block

Hello there, and this is my first post on this site!

Since I’ve posted in several locations in the past, I thought it would be best to join the Word Press community. Besides, this outlet also allows me to venture into a variety of topics. Given an election year, now is a wonderful time to make the change!

To readers I promise insight, yet will respect comments from others. I will be respectful to all as bashing is not my style, thus hope others are the same. Disagreement and criticism are fine, but it should be done with class. Other times I will simply provide information for readers to use.

For this first post I’ve used the tags of the areas I will most-commonly use. In the future I will only use pertinent tags, thus my apologies.

The blogroll lists some friends I respect, thus I invite you to visit their site.

Thanks for visiting, and now if I can just determine how to get readers.

22 thoughts on “A New Angle on the Block

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      • Lol, I always do 🙂 it’s one of the flaws of WordPress, it’s not always easy to get back to the start! What people write at the beginning of their blogs is very interesting…. What we intend to do with them, and what they become don’t always match up. I thought I’d be doing more writing and had no idea photography would play such a big part!

        Lovely to meet you 🙂


    • JackieP,
      LOL .. touche … as I look back at it, I’ve kept that promise. I started primarily as a politics and sports blog … but evolved into what it is today. Look at the Categories on the sidebar. Thanks for visiting.


  2. So this is how you started? Sweet.

    I see you determined how to get readers!

    You’ve got a great blog – interesting and informed.


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