Why not Enjoy a Good Political Speech?

Yesterday I mentioned to two friends that I enjoy listening to a good political speech at each of the party conventions. In both cases, each friend couldn’t get past points as who was giving the speech or what party the speaker represents. Again, I was simply saying I enjoy a good political speech regardless of the party.

I know today’s conventions more closely resemble a four-day infomercial rather than the political maneuvering ones of my youth. All I was saying that I enjoy a good political speech because I can listen to them from an entertainment standpoint. Rhetoric and political preferences aside, good political speeches are full of enthusiasm, passion, and a special kind of wit. Writing a good speech is one skill, but delivering it is another story.

How can anyone not appreciate Ted Kennedy’s “Where’s George” speech in 1988 or Jesse Jackson bringing the house to tears? Ronald Reagan’s personal charm always delivered. I recall GOP Representative Guy Vanderjack having me glued to the television.

Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer was fun and fired up. Joe Biden was ok. Hillary Clinton did a great job, and President Clinton hit a home run. No doubt about it, Barack Obama is a gifted orator. Touching moments as Beau Biden also bring unexpected pleasures. On the other hand, conventions displaying the mundane and the blowhards at the podium also rings, “Be thankful for DVR and YouTube!”

As the Democrats leave Denver, I look forward to next week with hopes of the Republicans showcasing their gifted speakers as well because I appreciate a good political speech. And yes, I do also listen to the content for substance – after all, I’m an undecided independent voter in a swing state; but one who happens to enjoy a good political speech for what it is.

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