Is John McCain Saying This?

John McCain shocked all of us with his selection of Governor Palin. Although I have no doubt she can spell potato and accurately shoot game, her selection does reinforce the McCain’s maverick side. So I ask this question.

Senator McCain continually speaks about the importance of changing Washington, and the selection of Governor Palin as a reform-minded outsider reinforces that image. As I watched yesterday’s rally, which was about an hour away, I noticed recognizable members of Congress from southwestern Ohio.

If Senator McCain wants to change Washington, will he call upon voters to remove current members of Congress, regardless of their party? If not, is he actually reinforcing business as usual?


3 thoughts on “Is John McCain Saying This?

  1. Despite all the changes (African American presidential nomination, female VP nomination) and cries of “change” politics has mostly stayed the so-called course.

    Obama, while preaching “change”, reverted to the old politics with a giant, expensive “show” in Denver. I have no doubts that the Republicans will also waste untold millions of dollars on their own “show”.

    Until a candidate shows me that he or she is willing to spend money on the things that matter instead of wasting it on showmanship and unnecessary wars, I’ll remain noncommitted to any candidate.


  2. Conventions today are multi-day infomercials pandering to the convinced constituents. Independents who want to be informed watch because they want to know, but have to shift through so much rhetoric. On the other hand, as I’ve said on a previous post, I do enjoy a good political speach.

    To think that so much of the convention expense money comes from a taxpayer checkoff through the IRS is appauling – thus a story in itself.

    Wasteful spending in Washington is (and has been) out of control. As an independent, I’m not a happy camper – and with both of the primary choices, I can find positives and negatives. Yes, quite the dilemma.

    Both candidates like to say Washington is broken – and I agree. But neither is saying “throw all the bums out.!” I guess they can’t agree on defining bums.


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