They’ve Earned It Top 10: Week 2

This week I hope to take a break from politics to venture into other interests. Since today is Monday, college football rankings is a great to kickoff the week.

My rankings motto: To earn it, play somebody and beat them. Yes, finally a ranking that doesn’t count expectations and traditions. For those new to this, see the criteria and last week’s ranking here.

I knew this week was going to be a challenge. Three Top 10 teams (UCLA, USC, and Fresno State) didn’t play. Two more (Missouri & Arkansas State) played nonD1 teams (a flagrant no-no). One (Bowling Green) fell flat. Now thrown in the fact of many “traditionally top” teams playing pathetic OOC games!

They’ve Earned It Top 10 Countdown

8 (tie): Fresno State, UCLA, USC
7. Wake Forest
6. Cal
5. Florida
4. Utah
3. Alabama
2. Vanderbilt
1. East Carolina

Honorable Mention: Oklahoma State, Oregon, Rice

I usually don’t accompany a comment with this ranking, but I have a burr in a place giving me discomfort. After beating Virginia Tech on the opening weekend, the national pundits kept ECU out of the top 25. In week 2 they beat a top 10 team, and that gets them #14? If that’s not an example of bias, favoritism, and cronyism, what is? I challenge anyone to name a team that has two more impressive wins at this point in this season.