The String of Lights

Readers: The lack of recent posts can be easily explained – a two-week vacation.

Meanwhile, I’m currently in the air flying (for work) from Washington Reagan to White Plains, NY. Fortunately, from my window seat during this night-time flight, I’m astonished to see a continual string of city lights from take off until shortly before landing.

Appearing as one long and endless glittering stand, our eastern seaboard is more densely populated that I imagined. Nonetheless, on this clear, October night, this beautiful site made me smile.


6 thoughts on “The String of Lights

  1. What? So you were in my town and didn’t stop and say hello? 🙂 Welcome back from the cruise and into the last month of the campaign season. Don’t know if my nerves are going to survive it–hope yours will. Trying to find the funny in all this but it is getting harder and harder. All the best!


    • E-Tom,
      How did you find this post from 2008 … long before I even knew of the Dalai Mama!

      Now about the campaign. You need to remember that I am a political therapist. Remember how I cured your bought with Palin Syndrome? I speculate the debate has you down. Therefore, you have two reading assignments”

      Hey WW … make sure she takes her medicine! 🙂 Thanks for commenting.


      • You will probably get two replies. I am at the beach on my iPad and the signal is horrific. I typed you a long reply but it disappeared. Yep I am in a state of shock after the debates. I’ m trying to shake it off, but Romney’s blatant lies, his billionaire friends who are funding him, and the hardcore racism coursing across the Internet against the President is enough to make one want to move to Canada! I’ll definitely read your articles! Thanks so much, my friend!


        • LOL! Okay, I fee better–nothing like a swift kick in the butt to set me straight! Thanks Frank A. I just finished reading both the links you sent me. Had we used your rules, I think the debate would have been fair and square and maybe we would have gotten some truthful solid answers to ponder. Sorry I sounded so melodramatic.

          Now that I’m home and I’m not operating on a subpar wireless system, I see what happened. I clicked on your avatar to see what you were up to and it took me to 2008 because my iPad hadn’t loaded all your data. I kept saying to WW, “I thought Frank was retired, but it says here that he came to DC for work?” What a hoot! Take care.


        • E-Tom,
          Another successful intervention by the political therapist!

          LOL … love the fact that a 2008 post made you think I was just there. 🙂 … Believe me, if I came to DC, you and Elyse would be on my must meet list!


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