Gas Prices and Energy Policy

On a recent flight, a fellow passenger and I compared gas prices in our areas, which happen to be $2.69 in Chicago vs. $2.19 in Cincinnati). Although this is a far cry from the $4.00+ of not long ago, I’m sure all of us welcome the relief to our monetary pocket.

With failing gas prices in mind, I ask the following questions:

  • Will the public fall back into old driving habits?
  • Will the public continue to demand a progressive energy policy from Washington?
  • How will falling prices affect oil company profits?
  • Will the oil companies tighten supply to raise prices?

One thing for sure, as prices fall the public reacts less – which in turn keeps our energy policy in the file named Rhetoric.

3 thoughts on “Gas Prices and Energy Policy

  1. Good questions.

    And do you know what I love about looking at old posts? You see people’s thoughts & opinions, their musings of “yesterday” and we know how it is today, or in politics ‘what happened after all’. Truly interesting.


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