Government and Personal Responsibility

A recent news report served as the type of gentle reminder all of us need throughout our lives. When asked what they seek from the next president, the restaurant owner replied, “Return to personal responsibility.” Well said!

Throughout our daily encounters, we continually face many decisions with many choices. Our life gives us that; but, it also gives us the rest of the story -the responsibility associated with that choice. Our choice of personal transportation comes with a known gas mileage. A banker’s decision to grant loans to less qualified candidates comes with a risk of default. Our choice of friends influences our philosophies and outlooks. Our choice of debt versus savings affects our personal financial security.

With Election Day upon us, I hope citizens exercise their right to vote, accept the responsibility of their choice, and select candidates who will ethically govern with a sense of responsibility for the people over the wants of their party and/or special interests.

As evident with new voter registration and long voting lines, the public interest in this election has been unbelievable. One can only dream that interest in elections would carryover to all local, state, and off-year congressional elections. Unfortunately, many overvalue the role of the president and undervalue the role of our representatives, our state officials, and our local office holders.