Campaign Tidbits on Election Day

I’m impressed by the physical, mental, and emotional stamina of the four major candidates.

Regardless who wins, America’s standing in the world needs to change for the better. Although this was not a campaign focus, it is reality.

Will we wake up tomorrow to a decision? Well, according to the trends based on the S&P index and the Washington Redskin’s last home game before the election, Senator Obama wins.

I’m interested to see just how close the polls are to the results.

Tonight’s election coverage will be a race among the networks to declare winners. Yes, they agree to withhold projections until polls close in that states, but for me, that’s not enough because results in closed states should not affect the results in states with polls still open.

Yesterday I saw a report about what happens if candidates have an electoral tie. It was interesting!

We are in a time of an economic downturn, financial instability, two wars, and a lousy standing in the international community. The polarizing winner-take-all approach into winners and losers makes establishing a common ground difficult.

With the country is such a mess on so many fronts, will tonight’s winner demand a recount?

Sorry to disagree with pundits, Senator McCain doesn’t have a must win state because he needs more than one surprise.

For the record, undecided voters are those who either don’t proclaim their vote, or those who wait to decide when the ballot is in their hand.

The people buying into the politics of fear are just as disgusting as those playing it.

Like many Americans, I prefer party-divided government in Washington. With the Democrats set for considerable gains in both chambers and a good chance for the White House, how long will it take for a party-divided government to return?

Today, San Francisco voters face a referendum to rename a wastewater treatment plant in honor of President Bush. Although I find it amusing, I hope it loses for two reasons: (1) it’s a waste of taxpayer dollars and (2) I question if GWB deserves any recognition.

Voting Tidbits on Election Day

Yes, today is an historic day in what has been an historic election process. However, I’m still bothered by those making a decision (either way) based on race or gender instead of issues and positions.

My voting line took 45 minutes; mainly due to the inefficiency of my county’s board of election – NOT the poll workers. Good news is we use the second most reliable voting method; the use of optical scanners. Believe it or not, the most reliable method is the lever-machine booth.

Call me old fashion, but Election Day is today – not yesterday or last week. I just don’t get the open, early voting stuff. Because elections are run by the government, they are naturally inefficient. Given the craziness of registration and early voting, there are simply too many opportunities for fraud.

The high turnout is great, but it’s a shame that high turnouts are limited to presidential races.

Given crowding polling places, early voting option, unprecedented voter registration, and the special interest of each party, the lawyers are licking their chops.

I feel much better about either McCain or Obama than my choices in my congressional district (Ohio District 2). Both Republican and Democratic candidates are equally pathetic. Fortunately, we have an independent candidate. Unfortunately, voters generally find not voting for a Republican or Democrat difficult.