Good Reads for Republicans

I didn’t plan this for today, but it needs to be said. The historic nature of Tuesday’s election is unquestionable. The voter mandate was clear. Regardless, elections are tough and passionate. One of the great aspects about our election process is that campaigns are filled with sharp punches, but once it’s over, it’s time to get to work.

Interestingly, the politicians seem to roll with the punches as if it is part of the process. On the other hand the partisan voters hold onto campaign. Comments promoting and even hoping for failure are easy to find. Sadly enough, too easy.

In his Tuesday night speech, John McCain showed who he is and demonstrated Country First. He knows the country is facing many perils given the current conditions. He knows this is not a time for partisan politics. Rudi Giuliani has also wished the president-elect well because if the president is successful, so is the country.

I know both McCain and Gugliani are too moderate for staunch conservatives, but they offer both wisdom and example. I also found value in two columnists. Although many know conservative columnist Kathleen Parker of the Washington Post, you may not know Peter Bronson from the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Mr. Bronson is unquestionably a strong conservative writing to the conservative audience in southwestern Ohio and northern Kentucky. Outside of the actually city of Cincinnati, McCain ran very strong here. There are times when Mr. Bronson angers me. There are times I refuse to read his column. Then again, as he did today, there are times he hits the nail on the head.

The election process is over and numerous problems remain. Tough times are ahead. So instead of being angry and wishing failure, it’s ok to be cautious and skeptical; but hope for success. Keep everything in the proper perspective.