It Didn’t Take Long to Begin

Seven days ago, our system of democracy spoke. Since then, our system continues to demonstrate switching from the gears of the campaign’s stones and poison arrows to a peaceful transition of power.

Our economy faces many perils and uncertainties. Our international standing is very low. We are fighting wars on two fronts. We also seek energy independence, improving education, and attacking health care insurance. With tough times ahead, President-elect Obama seeks united bridges for a positive future. Senator McCain reminds us that we are Americans first.

Meanwhile, all of this happened (and certainly more) since the election. (All of these examples are true.)

  • Conservative talk radio is leading the bashing of the president-elect’s any and every move
  • Partisans are denouncing the results, pointing fingers, and blaming the media to being preparing for 2012
  • Some people are preparing for the Apocalypse as their preachers are using the election as one of the dominos aligned to end the world
  • In order to help them with the approaching fears that the election bestows on us, some seek help and guidance from clergy, psychologists, psychiatrists, and support groups
  • A few have placed their home for sale as the first step in leaving the country
  • Others are proclaim a race war in the foreseeable future

No question, we are in turbulent waters, and tomorrow may bring rougher waters. Change isn’t gradual, but is preceded by difficulty. Even as we elected new leadership last week, the problems still exist. November 4, 2008 didn’t correct anything. The problems still exist.

Yet in our time of need, some continue to pound the drums of descent. Others continue to preach the politics of fear. Many others listen and buy into the descent and fear. Since these are the same Republicans abandoning their party’s nominee from the start, why should they listen to his reminder that we are first and foremost Americans? After all, they are Republicans first because they know what is best for all of us. Just ask them.