Election Winners, Losers, and Pressure Points

With Election Day in our rearview mirror, let’s take a look at the current winners, losers, and pressure points of the aftermath. (No particular order)


  • New Voters: Voting can make a difference
  • Race relations: Historic proportions
  • Barack Obama: Calm, resolve, calculating, and new vision
  • Television viewers: The ads are over!
  • Hillary Clinton: She still has clout
  • Sarah Palin: A partisan rock star
  • Tina Fey: One of the best political impressions of all time
  • John McCain: Still a respected American
  • Internet: Fund raising, information, videos, and bloggers changed the landscape
  • Young Republican Governors: The future of a rebranded party
  • Libertarians: An opportunity to attract mainstream Republicans
  • Members of a lowly-approved Congress who somehow won re-election: Continued job stability during difficult economic times
  • Conservative Talk Show Hosts: A Democratic-controlled Washington provides ample fodder for beating the drums of descent on every move


  • Joe Lieberman: He’s paying the price for playing both sides of the fence
  • Republican Party: It’s time to rebrand
  • Personal-attack political campaigning: It didn’t work this time, but it will return
  • Sarah Palin: Garnered many negatives
  • Gays and Lesbians: Lost ballot initiatives in several states
  • Internet Users: Shifting through the vest frontier of misinformation
  • Partisans: For continuing to divide us
  • Social Conservatives: But they don’t know it yet
  • The Newly Elected to Capitol Hill: Facing the decision of doing the right thing and not be re-elected, or caving in to be re-elected
  • The Voters: For re-electing their incumbent while blaming congressional woes on others
  • Barack Obama: For inheriting a huge mess and a mountain of expectations on his shoulders

Pressure is On

  • Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi to produce bipartisan results (By the way, I have some waterfront land in Florida for sale)
  • Barack Obama to lead from the center
  • Republican Party: Rebrand to what?
  • New Voters: To stay engaged
  • Republican Congressional leadership to provide not only checks and balances, but to work toward the center (Did I tell you about that land I have for sale?)

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