Cincinnati: The Current City of Losers

With Cincinnati professional teams lacking success over many years, some could make the case loyal Reds and Bengal fans are the best because of what they’ve endured. However, fans are not the purpose of this post.

Since winning the World Series in 1990 (18 completed seasons), the Reds:
– Currently 8 straight losing seasons
– Finished above 500 only 6 times
– Won 2 division titles (1990, 1995)

Since 1990, the Bengals:
– Finished ONCE above 500 (2005)
– Won 1 division title (2005)
– 1 playoff appearance (2005)

Since 1990 Tidbits

  • The Florida Marlins have as many playoff appearances as the Reds (but one shy when including the Bengals); let alone 2 World Series titles; and didn’t exist in 1990
  • Nobody can deny the suffering endured by Kansas Royals fans, but Chiefs have been competitive many times.
  • The Chicago Cubs have more playoff appearances than the Reds and Bengals together.
  • Some may claim Detroit is worse, but the Lions alone had six playoff appearances in the 90s.
  • With their long streak without a championship and enduring the rebuilding of the Browns, the Indians alone have outperformed the two teams at the opposite end of I-71.

Although individual franchises have suffered more, in the cities with MLB and NFL teams, Cincinnati professional sports fans continue to witness pathetic results. While some continue to hope, others have become indifferent – not by switching allegiances, but by becoming disinterested in local sports and moving on with their live; meanwhile keeping our ears open to management proclaiming blah, blah, blah hope and our eyes open so blinking doesn’t cause us to miss a competitive run.

Yep, instead of championships, we’d embrace a competitive run and would settle on competitive consistency. Meanwhile life goes on. Got to go as it’s time for my ballroom dance lesson.

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