Shorts of All Sorts

Party Politics
Since I’ve been saying this for some time, I very much appreciate Kathleen Parker’s column about one aspect of Republican rebranding.

Despite my post, House Republican’s reanointed John Boehner (R-OH) as their leader. As Republicans say they are willing to work with the new administration, Representative Boehner provides his example of reaching across the aisle.

When he (President-Elect Obama) is offering solutions to the American people that we are in agreement with, we’ll be right there with him.

Auto Industry Situation
Auto executives went to Washington this week attempting to convince Congress to invest in a bailout/loan; and the more they talked, the more they turned the country against them.

It’s also tough to buy a car because tight credit. Meanwhile many new foreign cars sit in lots near U.S. ports because people aren’t buying.

Although Detroit has done well at accomplishing failure, I remain steadfast in believing that the auto industry issue is more complex than simply looking at the executives, and even the UAW. As usual, George Will had a good read.

In Wednesday’s edition, a Wall Street Journal editorial implied some Democrats are using green technology as leverage in the bailout talks.

Congress, with a public approval rating lower than President Bush, demonstrates it can solve the complex Detroit-based mess with grandstanding committee hearings and partisan ideology.

I’ll be part of the raucous environment at UC’s Nippert Stadium for Pitt’s Saturday night visit; a team the Bearcats are never beaten. In contrast and three time zones away, 0-10 Washington and 1-10 Washington State battle in the Apple Bowl.

As a MAC grad, I appreciate Ball State’s accomplishments. I saw BSU play in 2004, and they were horrible. A great job by the staff in Muncie!

A shout-out to Mike Mussina for a strong pitching career in spite of pitching during MLB’s steroid era.

Steelers Defensive Coordinator Dick LeBeau is in his 50th year as an NFL player and coach. Youngsters may him as a quality coach, but may not know that the man could play defensive back. More importantly, Dick LeBeau is a class act.

Something to Ponder
The public the two biggest things the public runs in our society are schools and government. Need I say more?

2 thoughts on “Shorts of All Sorts

  1. I’m still struggling with the question why bankruptcy doesn’t make sense for the automakers. I know why the UAW and the dealers wouldn’t be interested in it, but c’mon.

    Maybe I’m a touch Machiavellian, I don’t know, but perhaps the idea is that a bankruptcy filing would be so big in magnitude and disrupt so many working relationships that the companies don’t want to disrupt that they want to play this game with congress in which they would essentially be forced into the necessity of filing.


  2. Mo,

    I’m not 100% sure, but I think this is the case.

    Ch. 11 protects the company against creditors during restructuring. Of course part of that equation is establishing the necessary lines of credit.

    Currently, as we know, credit is tough to get for both individuals and business. It is my understanding, that if an organization in Ch 11 cannot get the credit lines it needs, they shift out of Ch 11 into Ch 7 that is liquidation.

    Of course automakers believe bankruptcy will affect sales, thus seek money to prevent Ch 11 (so they say).


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