Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 1

A few short opinions on a variety of topics:

As the Obama Cabinet is taking shape, I would like to see Richard Lugar (Agriculture), Colin Powell (Education), Robert Gates (Defense); plus Chuck Hagel as U.N. Ambassador, and an special economic advisory council including Warren Buffett, Donald Trump, and Jack Welch.

I would like to see John McCain finish his service to America not as a senator, but as the leader of the Veterans Administration.

The BCS is setting up as one of those seasons that’s not a good example justifying their existance.

Since fans are fickle, I wonder how many Michigan fans regret the way they treated Lloyd Carr.

I live in Cincinnati; and this Bengal fan says, “That’s one sorry football team.” Meanwhile, up on the hill in Clifton, the UC Bearcats have given us a bright light.

Outside of the news, Dancing with the Stars is the only show I regularly watch – and oh no, it ends tonight.

BCS season is in fully swing, and approaching the selection of another mythical national champion. I’d like to see Bud Selig run the BCS because they seem like a perfect match for each other.


If you didn’t see the Jimmy Kimmel clip on the secret presidential handshake, check this out. Start at the 2:40 mark.

Something to Ponder
Are the people who are against the auto industry and financial sector bailouts based on government intervention hypocrites if they say the money should instead go to people with foreclosures?