Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 1

A few short opinions on a variety of topics:

As the Obama Cabinet is taking shape, I would like to see Richard Lugar (Agriculture), Colin Powell (Education), Robert Gates (Defense); plus Chuck Hagel as U.N. Ambassador, and an special economic advisory council including Warren Buffett, Donald Trump, and Jack Welch.

I would like to see John McCain finish his service to America not as a senator, but as the leader of the Veterans Administration.

The BCS is setting up as one of those seasons that’s not a good example justifying their existance.

Since fans are fickle, I wonder how many Michigan fans regret the way they treated Lloyd Carr.

I live in Cincinnati; and this Bengal fan says, “That’s one sorry football team.” Meanwhile, up on the hill in Clifton, the UC Bearcats have given us a bright light.

Outside of the news, Dancing with the Stars is the only show I regularly watch – and oh no, it ends tonight.

BCS season is in fully swing, and approaching the selection of another mythical national champion. I’d like to see Bud Selig run the BCS because they seem like a perfect match for each other.


If you didn’t see the Jimmy Kimmel clip on the secret presidential handshake, check this out. Start at the 2:40 mark.

Something to Ponder
Are the people who are against the auto industry and financial sector bailouts based on government intervention hypocrites if they say the money should instead go to people with foreclosures?

9 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 1

  1. BCS season is in fully swing, and approaching the selection of another mythical national champion. I’d like to see Bud Selig run the BCS because they seem like a perfect match for each other.

    HA, i couldn’t agree with you more!!


  2. Let’s face it. Those of us who are in a “financial situation” all want help- the everyday man hoping to win the $5.00 lottery scratch off or the auto industry hoping to bail them out.

    I have a question- what is this whole “Bail Out” about? Isn’t this a bridge-loan to no where? The entire economy is in a horrible situation and (don’t get me wrong- I would love the extra $- but…) why is this (bail out check)a “solution”?

    I listened to a financial advisor (on XM Radio) that suggested we all invest in Gold rather than 401K’s, Stock Market, Annuities etc. Makes sense when you think about it. We continue to “print money” but is there Gold to support the paper we carry in our pocket? Think about it.


  3. Michelle … thanks for visiting.

    There’s a lot in your points, so I’ll address a couple of them.

    Most of the bailout money is either in the form of an investiment or in the form of a loan … as opposed to a gift.

    Way so many bailouts? First of all, the financial sector is the foundation of not only our economy, but the global economy. Without a firm foundation, a collapse would be more severe.

    Dollars to the auto industry is not to make U.S. automakers more competitive, but to keep U.S. workers working. Keep in mind that for every 1 autoworker there are 7.5 workers in the supply chain. Those the loss of much of this auto industry has a strong ripple effect.

    Another effect, which is already been seen, is on state and local governments. Fewer people working means both less income from sales tax (due to lower spending) but also less income from taxes withheld from paychecks.

    The idea that the bailout money is from the Treasury simply “printing’ more money is a misnomer. Controlling the money supply is any important role of the Federal Reserve. Simply printing more actually devalues the dollar. I vividly recall a picture commonly used in history books of a person in Europe with a wheelbarrow full of dollars … which wouldn’t buy much.

    In short, the situation is much more complicated than it appears on the surface.


  4. Oh, I shouldn’t get started- but I will. I find myself questioning where I stand these days (politically) b/c of the financial situation in the US.

    Can you imagine the pressure on Obama? Everyone is expecting him to work miracles- it is not going to happen.

    Another question… something that is a major concern to me. As we start expecting the government to bail out the auto industry, banks, foreclosures etc. Aren’t we moving to a point where our government is “controlling” more and more aspects of our life- AND expecting the government to “FIX” more and more aspects of our life??

    So.. question is… are we moving towards Socialism?? We (American Citizens) pride ourselves on our democracy and, yet, ironically we are moving further way from it and are asking for more and more hand-outs. Something to ponder I suppose.


  5. Frist of all, the financial industry is the foundation not only for our economy, but for the global economy.

    There’s so much pressure on the president-elect that he should ask for a recount. Then again, maybe he could auction off the Oval Office to the highest bidder on eBay.

    The auto situation is very complex. See my post for Friday 12-13-08.

    Please …. not the ‘socialism’ card because the election is over. Socialism has been practiced by both parties for a long time. Here’s a George Will article.

    Thanks visiting.


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