Thanksgiving for Brendan

Earlier in the week I posted a short tribute to Brendan Foster, the 11-year-old boy from Seattle who a short time ago was taken from this world by leukemia. That post included a CNN video about his dying wish.

In memory, honor and respect to Brendan on this Thanksgiving Day, I provide this ABC video about the impact of his legacy. In his short life he accomplished much more than many (if not most) long-living adults do in their lifetime.

For this Thanksgiving Day, I give thanks to the Brendan Fosters of the world with hopes that their examples spills onto each of us not only during this holiday season, but in all the days ahead.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving for Brendan

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  2. That is a beautiful how you wanted to show respect to Brendan. Yesterday on Thanksgiving, my mom passed away. She had stage 4 cancer. She had an MRI on Tuesday, but due to her bad back, it had been painful. So painful she couldn’t sleep that night and had to go to the ER because none of her pain medications were working to take the pain away. They gave her morphine and she was heavily sedated. They then had to reverse the medication so that her blood pressure would go up. But then she would feel the pain again. It was a catch 22. I had a brief open window where I told her I loved her and so did my son. She told us she loved us back. My son started to cry and she said, “It’s ok. I’m alright” under her oxygen mask, closed eyes and slurred speech. She knew we loved her very much. At one point, she said she thought she was dying. They really tried to raise her blood pressure, but at that point, it wasn’t. With someone with stage 4 cancer, her body couldn’t handle the morphine and her heart started to become tired. We saw her gasping for air. I rubbed her arms and massaged her feet. I cried so much. I knew this day had been coming. I spent all Wednesday with her. I couldn’t sleep that night either. Just one hour. I got up and was at the hospital again by 8am. She finally passed away at 11:34 am. She was surrounded by her closest friends, my son and I and her oldest surviving sister. I hadn’t eaten for most of the two days. We came home and I had yogurt and I made Shepards Pie. Today, the lady we were all supposed to have Thanksgiving dinner with yesterday, gave us our Turkey dinner today. It was nice and very delicious to eat. I hope you understand why there may be reasons why I may write my future blogs in journaling or photos. I’m in a midst of grieving. I will post again when I can. but I wanted to take time to specifically tell my favorite bloggers on WP who have been true friends to me what has been happening and who have followed my journals. The rest of the world will read it when I write about it, but my closests friends on here will know first. You can also contact me at


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