Opinions in the Shorts: Vol 2

Dancing with the Automakers and Congress

The Big 3 automakers return to Washington is the equivalent to making someone say “Trick or treat” before receiving any candy. Isn’t committee grandstanding wonderful!

Congress should not blackmail the automakers by offering bailout dollars for green technology in return.

So Governor Rick Perry (R-Texas) said federal bailouts should stop. Hmmm … Given that state governments are less than anticipated, is the governor saying he would not accept federal dollars?

Since Senator Shelby’s (R-Al) against helping the Big 3 automakers, does the strong presence of foreign automakers in his state have anything to do with his opinion?


I found this column by David Brooks interesting.

Sarah Palin is keeping herself quite visible. Although she has a base, she must find a way to attract the center; so I recommend she tackle Dancing with the Stars.

College Football

Regarding the Big 12 conference dilemma, Texas Tech played the weakest out-of-conference schedule. Playing one nonFBS (Football Bowl Subdivision) is bad enough, but two is quite pathetic.

Would Texas’s coach Mack Brown still prefer the SEC’s tie-breaking method over the Big 12’s if it didn’t favor his team?

The BCS will announce their bowl participants this Sunday. Meanwhile, the fans are rationalizing while others complain. Wake up people, the BSC is not determining a national champion, it’s about money. Oh, seems I’ve given a previous of Sunday’s post.