Nippert Stadium: What a Venue!

nippert1Located in the center of campus, the University of Cincinnati’s Nippert Stadium is one of the most intimate settings in college football. Build in 1924 on a site used for football since 1902, horseshoe-shaped Nippert is the nation’s fourth oldest site and fifth oldest stadium in college football.

nippert21Although not the Big House, the Horseshoe, or the Swamp, Nippert is a great venue to watch a game. The big, tradition venues are historic with a game-day atmosphere that is an event in itself, but the top row is also the top row. Meanwhile, Nippert Stadium provides close-to-the-field seats with good sight lines.

nippert3Given the much-improved attendance the past three years, enthusiastic crowds have made Nippert Stadium a tough place for opponents to play. In 2006 undefeated Rutgers got hammered. The 2007 season started by dominating Oregon State, and then UC thumped an 8-1 UConn team. A few weeks ago 7-2 Pitt came to town and discovered the power of the Nippert atmosphere.

Sure I hope UC football continued success both on the field and in the stands. Given the importance of revenue through seats and boxes, UC knows something needs to change. The good news is that recent news indicates expanding and renovating Nippert instead of renting Paul Brown Stadium. After all, college football needs to be on campus, especially when having a one of the great venues for fans.