Opinions in the Shorts: Vol 3

As we well know, Republicans like to link themselves to a small-government mantra. William Kristol, definitely a conservative columnist, points out that there aren’t many Republicans who actually practice what they preach.

I find it hard to believe that Joe the Plumber is still in the news. Wonder if he’s maneuvering to be the VP on the Palin-led ticket?

No matter the level, Governor Blagojevich is a prime example of why so many people lack trust in their government.

Independent moderates have got to love the current Washington scene. It seems the far left isn’t happy with the president-elect’s cabinet appointments, and the far right continues to have burrs in their shorts about anything a Democrat does.

Hmmm … I wonder why the public isn’t in arms about oil company profits. Oh … the Congressional hearings corrected everything.

After this year’s voter registration blunders, do you think Congress will grant more money to ACORN? Sure they will because that’s what Washington does!

“Saxby Chambliss” is a name fit for a senator and a well-aged bourbon.

A media person here in Cincinnati suggested the Bengals drop “Cincinnati” from their name. They can stay, just drop the name. I gotta love that idea!

Speaking of big deals, I’m amazed that baseball salaries continue upward. Considering the Yankees giving CC Sabathia $160 million for seven years – simply one big WOW. By the way, the package is more than the annual payroll of most MLB teams.

Within the last week I went to a national store to order something online. The customer service person asked me, “Do you know what you want to order?” Of which I promptly replied, “No, why don’t you order me something.” Needless to say, my answer created a worker with a confused look.

I saw the latest James Bond movie, Quantum of Solace. Daniel Craig is a good Bond, but what a lousy story line in this movie. There’s a car race, a foot chase, a boat chase, and a plane chase … but few (and maybe no) Bond gadgets. Ok, there’s also a character resembling Sarah Palin.

If you ever have the sliding replaced on your house, remove everything hanging on a perimeter wall inside the house AND everything off shelves; and then don’t forget about the garage as I did. By the way, nail pops may also appear; which means spackling and repainting.