Political Climate as Usual

We elected a new president six weeks ago, and there are still four weeks until the inauguration. Meanwhile, political undertones continue on a person who hasn’t served one day in the Oval Office.

Think about the following:

  • As Senator McCain states the seriousness nature of the current economic dilemma is not the time to play partisan politics, the RNC continues attempting to link President-Elect Obama to Illinois Governor Blagojevich. Heck, some are still promoting William Ayers and Reverend Wright as important issues.
  • As conservative columnists as David Brooks and George Will provide intellectual suggestions for the new president without automatically dismissing his ideas and also hoping for his success, other conservative media types continue to loudly beat the drums of decent will every move the president-elect makes.

So, will change occur in Washington? Hmmmm, I doubt it – I don’t think the political parties nor the obnoxiously-partisan media types will allow it. This video may say it best.