Two Wonderful Christmas Gifts

The holiday season is a great time for special stories – let alone when young people are involved. Although youth still have so much to learn, some of their stories continue to amaze me because these youngsters are well beyond their years and model behavior for everyone.

At Thanksgiving I did several posts on Brendan Foster. Today I bring attention to Nick Nelson and Adam Bender. Watch, marvel, and learn from these two young boys who serve as examples of life.

Nick Nelson and Adam Bender

7 thoughts on “Two Wonderful Christmas Gifts

    • Thanks Cindy,
      I was prepared for a different post today, then I saw story about Nick on the Today Show. Simply wow!

      We both know the importance of sports in our lives, but there’s so much out there worth commenting; thus the reason why I bounce around topics. This post fits the spirit of the season – which I hope to follow the next two days before taking a break.

      By the way, 100Pixel provided in the new header. To everyone, the link is under Recognition.


  1. Those two stories epotimize what life as well as being way beyond their years in age.

    This definitely great to read about from the negative and unrelenting stories that circulate around internet and television sets.

    I think you chose wisely on the header!

    Nice work!


    • Dave … totally agree as all three are well beyond their age … and at a stage that some adults will never reach.

      It’s easy to get sucked into a rag-rag-rag mode on any topic as demonstrated by many of the conservative Republican bloggers. Heck, that would be easy is all I did was Cincinnati sports. But bouncing around topics allows me to not get sucked into a rut. On the other hand, nobody has ever thought of me as a Polly Anna wearing rose-colored glasses.

      Thanks for the comp on the header, which wasn’t easy to pick. I should have asked for help identifying resources. But hey … it’s fine. Heck, the designer of one of the possible images even selected this one, so that meant a lot.


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  3. My dad lost a leg in a boating accident at age 43 and lived until he was 72 using an artificial leg. He never bounced back psychologically from his loss, though. He was never the same. Thanks for these inspirational videos.


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