Looking Forward to Christmas Eve

100pixelmod32Probably my favorite day of the year, Christmas Eve is just one day away. More specifically, it’s the evening and night I enjoy the most. After weeks of holiday ads, attending events, dealing with traffic in shopping areas, long checkout lines along with countless other things to do, nightfall on Christmas Eve suddenly calms the holiday madness.

I’m not talking about presents or a family event; but my feeling will start around 8:00 pm; that’s when we leave to go to church. The roads aren’t crowded; many of the closed stores are fronted by empty parking lots; neighborhood lights are on; and light Christmas music will be on my car radio for that 15-minute journey.

My wife and I play in a bell & chimes choir at church; thus we’ll be there for two services. Whether the celebratory sounds of Joy to the World or the calm nature of Silent Night by candlelight, Christmas music at church is always moving. Besides, our music director always coordinates a wonderful music event.

We’ll leave church around 12:15-12:30 am feeling spiritually refreshed, but physically tired. Easy Christmas music will play while on the return trip home; and yes, a calmer drive than before. I’ll feel sad for the convenient store workers and wonder why the owners can’t close for the night.

Christmas Eve is simply the one night of the year when society seems to slow down – and I like that.

6 thoughts on “Looking Forward to Christmas Eve

  1. THANK you, AFrank: i loved reading this over my morning coffee. You are so right, i love christmas and all that goes with it. Yes maybe even the hussle & bussle a bit as well.

    Silent Night is my ALL time fave , i would love to hear it done with bells!!

    Merry Christmas to you & yours Afrank!!


    • Thank you Cindy for being a faithful reader and commenter!

      I can tell you that I will have a holiday musical treat tomorrow!

      We’re playing a different version of Silent Night this year. The arranger did some interesting stuff. Something like … a bells only introduction … congregation sings verses 1 & 2 accompanied by bells and the other musicians, then a bells only section, back to the everyone for verse 3, and ending with the bells.

      Merry Christmas to you, your family, and friends.

      PS: You may recall I commented on the Bengals delemma with keeping TJ. Don’t know if you saw this, late in the game on Sunday, OL Stacy Andrews (last year’s tag) suffered a serious knee injury.


  2. No doubt my friend! Christmas Eve brings an end to the culmination of all of our efforts, leaving us to sit and enjoy the companionship of our family.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours this holiday season!


  3. a holiday musical treat………SWEET!!!

    Yes, i did know about Andrews. going a bit off topic here:
    I like TJ, he’s a good solid player, with no “off season” antics. i hope he gets his due!


    • Ok Cindy … this one is for you.

      Here’s Silent Night by a handbell choir. Actually the same version we’re playing tomorrow. Major difference is that the congregation will also be singing along except for certain parts.


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