Happy Boxing Day 2008

It’s the day after Christmas and our friends in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and other countries in the commonwealth are celebrating Boxing Day.

Whatever the true origin of the holiday, it’s clear that it was associated with the practice of gift-giving. In that sense, it parallels Christmas with its long tradition of exchanging gifts, though Boxing Day involves giving, not to family and friends, but to those less fortunate than ourselves. – Vancouver Sun

For us in the U.S. spend the day after Christmas either shopping for after-Christmas bargains, visiting friends, travelling home, or trying to get the house back in order after yesterday’s festivities.

Although we emphasize giving to the needy preceding Christmas, I think our British friends have something here, but I wonder if it was discontinue in the U.S. in the 1700’s as a way to separate from the homeland.

So below are two links to learn more about Boxing Day and a jolly Christmas song to have as background music while eating leftovers.

2 thoughts on “Happy Boxing Day 2008

  1. WE stateside should have a day like this!! More then 1 day, year round. never forget the less fortunate, for you never know when the “shoe” is could be on the other foot!


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