Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 5

I wonder what percentage of GM and Ford’s U.S. sales are to people qualifying for the employee discount?

I agree with George Will who states that WW II got us out of the recession, not the New Deal.

President-elect Obama is upsetting the left and of course can’t please the right anyway. This makes me smile as I’ve been hoping for a centrist.

When it comes to politics and religion together, I’m weary of evangelical Republicans. With that said, I have no problem with Pastor Rick Warren’s role in the inauguration because I see this as an attempt to work across the aisle for one America. At least the president-elect is trying to bridge the divide.

If the Republicans were running Congress, how long (and at what $ cost) would they investigate the link between President-elect Obama and Governor Blagojevich? And for those who forget, how much did Ken Starr cost?

Since the Democrats are running Congress, how long will it take (and at what $ cost) to investigate various abuses of power in the Bush administration? Personally, I hope they stay away from it.

The struggling economy is the top story of 2008; not the election. Keep in mind that the September downturn helped swing the election.

We recently lost acclaimed playwright Harold Pinter at the age of 92. Although he had his accomplished, he is forever etched in my mind with The Caretaker – the play that served as the low benchmark in my time as a season ticket holder at the Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park.

With a flury of bowl games upon us, let us remember that the BCS is about the 6 major conferences dominating the bowl revenue; not about determining a national champion.

Baseball Hall of Fame ballots are due soon so here are a couple of HOF thoughts.

  • If I was a voter, Bert Blyleven, Ricky Henderson, and Andre Dawson would get my votes.
  • I agree with Johnny Bench; “The HOF is for the very best, not the very good.”
  • How could Pete Rose be declared “no longer eligible” when he was never eligible?

11 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 5

  1. i crossed my party’s line this year & voted for Obama. I like the guy, he’s got a hell of a mess to clean up!!

    totally off topic: i’m making your battle cranberry for new years eve dinner 🙂

    just thought i’d tell ya that LOL!

    have a good one AFrank & GOOOOOO eagles, one last time for Dawk!!


    • The president-elect has inherited such a mess, one has to wonder why he hasn’t said “no thanks.” Unfortunately, the people will probably have short patience; especially with the partisans beating the drums of desent.

      Enjoy the spaghetti; and will be curious to hear how it went.


  2. I back your HOF selections. I’d add a few more. Bench may think it’s for the Hall of the very best, but take a look at some of the guys who got in via the Vet Committee when Frankie Frisch was running the show. Not exactly the very best.


    • First of all, its an honor to have Lester’s Legends commenting here.

      There’s no doubt that the HOF has players that we’re very good, but not the best. That’s one of the problems when comparing stats of someone out to others in. Dave Concepcion matches up well (and even better) than some HOF shortstops.


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  4. I think you hit it on the head right out of the gate. The New Deal did a great job of helping put the pieces back together from the Great Depression, but it was the increased spending due to World War II that got us through it. That being said, that should scare a lot of people about our current predicament, as it occurred DURING not one, but two conflicts which the government is already spending billions on. Had the military not been spending though, we may have realized where we were much quicker.


    • Thanks Frag. Of course the two current wars are no where near the magnitude of WW II, especially in terms of economic impact. These economic times are nothing like I’ve seen in my years.


  5. I’m hoping this is the year The Hawk makes it in the HOF. If he does, I’m going to Cooperstown in the summer. I don’t have a problem seeing the others you voted for get in either. I like to see Jim Rice get in as well.

    Nice post as always Frank.


    • Dave: Andre Dawson is one of the good ones who seems to get overlooked for some reason – and I can’t understand why! Hope you get to go to Cooperstown!
      Thanks for the thoughts.


  6. Frank, a well articulated piece. WWII was able to pull the American economy out of depression because of the ramp up to war and the industry needed to keep the materiel coming. We have no such ramp up now – our nation outspends the rest of the world on military, and already has everything it did not have in 1941. No, war will not pull this country out.

    What we do have though, is a credit crisis, not wholly unlike that of the 1930s and that scares the crap out of me. That and Jim Rice not making the HOF…c’mon Frank. Gotta give Jim Ed some love 🙂


    • Mo: There’s no doubt in my mind that the economic funk is far from over. I too often this about the common denominator between today and the 1920s is credit. The situations may not be the same, but credit is the key link. As a whole, Americans are lousy savers.

      I’m not an anti-Jim Rice guy at all, but for whatever reason, something stuck me when I was looking into the careers – unfortunately I can’t remember what it was. Out of due respect, I’ll look into my thoughts.

      Thanks for visiting and good to see you back.


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