To a Fierce Raider from the Past

While on our Vancouver-to-San Diego cruise last October, we had just walked off the ship in Astoria, Oregon. As we passed a very tall gentleman and his wife, I glanced to see if that was the lady you sat beside me the night before in the ship’s theater. Then I noticed the signature moustache on her husband, who also walked as if his knees were often injured.

Since I respect their privacy, I’m one who seldom approaches celebrities. As I watched him mingle with other passengers over upcoming days, I was sure I would regret not meeting Ben Davidson, the 14-year defensive end who had many great years in the 1960s.

davidson1Later in the cruise at a wine tasting event, I approached him, shook his hand, and had a short discussion. He explained to me that as he’s gotten older, he has grown to appreciate fans recognizing him.

So there I was, anxious to meet a football great from my youth, and the last thing he said to me caught me totally off guard: “Thanks for remembering me.” I’m still stunned.

Here’s a What Happened to Ben Davidson Q&A interview from the Raiders.

4 thoughts on “To a Fierce Raider from the Past

  1. WOW! one for your history book Afrank!! i love the old raiders, now that was football!!

    my brother lives in oakland, he eats & sleeps the raiders, i’m going to forward this to him!!


  2. Great stuff Frank. I liked the answer to the question about his mustache. I like how he was asked to mustache during the one shoot about the Revolutionary War, and that he still declined to shave it off.

    Nice post as always!


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