Bearcat Tidbits

bowl-banner3Tomorrow night, the University of Cincinnati Bearcats makes its first trip to a BCS bowl game in the Orange Bowl showdown with Virginia Tech.

Here are a few UC tidbits to add to previous posts.

The Team
Five different QBs led the offense this year. Season starter broke a leg, current starter broke an arm, two freshman filled in for several games, and former ND QB Demetrius Jones played several plays. One could toss in a 6th by considering the failed attempt to get last year’s QB (Ben Mauk) additional eligibility.

The starting defense is composed of a former walk on, a senior who converted from TE this year, a basketball player who transferred from Prairie View who had to earn a scholarship, a transfer from Ohio State, and an under-recruited nose tackle who developed into an All-American.

The roster has 28 local players

The School
Law School graduates include William Howard Taft and Chris Collingsworth.

The most acclaimed programs are the Conservatory of Music, College of Engineering, and the School of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning.

UC originated the first co-op program.

Albert Sabin developed the polio vaccine while at UC.

Go Bearcats!

Sports wise, most fans think of UC as a basketball school, but many don’t realize that the Bearcats had 5 straight trips to the Final Four.

4 thoughts on “Bearcat Tidbits

    • UC has a rich basketball tradition. The 80s were lean years, thus Huggins arrival marked the return to the good times in basketball. Huggs did well here, and it’s a shame it ended the way it did.

      Football’s development was very slow, especially since many wanted to dissolve the program in the 80s. Given basketball was king in the 90s, basketball season ticket holders HAD TO purchase football season tickets.

      At least those days are over. Basketball has a way to go, but is improving. Realistically. who knows how long the football program will be on top of its game. Nevertheless, we’ll enjoy it while we can.

      Thanks for stopping by.


    • Thanks CK … and good luck with your Lions and their tough task. Personally, the Rose Bowl is a game I always like to watch … no matter who plays … well, the traditionalist in me like the PAC 10-Big 10 matchup.


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