34 Bowl Games: The Why

Another college football season is about to close. Before clambering about too many bowl games, I have a statement will help anyone understand the existence of the plethora of bowl games.

As much as fans want a playoff system and continue to criticize the BCS for not being what they want it to be, the BCS is about the major conferences dominating bowl money revenue. Keep the following in mind:

  • The BCS schools get about 80% of the bowl revenue.
  • TV networks pay big bucks for the broadcast rights so they can make money from advertizing.
  • Bowl organizers sell naming rights to fund the game and the payout.
  • Host cities hear cha-ching when it comes to out-of-towner revenue for hotels, dining, shopping, and other related expenditures.
  • Although the mid-major schools may lose money on bowl trips, the trip is an important recruiting tool.

At least at this time, bowl games have nothing to do with determining a national champion and everything to do with dollars. This may be tough to accept, but it is the way it is. Oh … the statement? – Follow the money.

By the way, one can learn a lot by doing the same with the regular season.