Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 6

During the automaker hearing and subsequent discussions, members of Congress slammed executive compensation. Since members of Congress get an annual cost of living adjustment (COLA), I wonder if they would forgo their COLA and any raise until they operate the federal government at a budget surplus for two consecutive years? Ah yes, the dilemma of practicing what you preach.

Wow – sitting president’s age twice as fast as the rest of us. Now that’s pressure.

It appears Norm Coleman will be known as the one losing to a wrestler and a comedian. For Coleman’s sake, I sure hope Joe the Plumber doesn’t move to Minnesota after returning from his journalism stint.

I find Ann Coulter to be much more obnoxious than Rush Limbaugh.


SUV and truck sales are rising. Isn’t it amazing how quickly people forget? Here’s a good article on rising gas prices.

Is anyone troubled by the fact that Russia has cut off natural gas to much of Europe?

Congratulations to Florida on winning the mythical national championship game. By the way, the game has nothing to do with which conference is better.

Although the UC Bearcats didn’t play well in the Orange Bowl, I give credit to Va. Tech for getting the job done. Congratulations Hokies!

Since I have a warm spot for nonBCS schools, great job Utah! Too bad voters are too ignorant and/or too biased to notice. Wonder if they even watched? Here’s a great article by Dan Wetzel.

OUCH, said this proud MAC grad whose conference was winless this bowl season. Didn’t that also happen last year?

Sports fans like good stories about community involvement by players. Here’s a new site to see, and check the Athletes on Board link.

Shout Outs
To be in a commercial and listed as a sponsor by Basic Bloganomics is an honor.

I’m looking for to an upcoming exhibit at the Cincinnati Museum Center: On Race: Are We so Different? It runs here from mid-January to late April. Checkout the exhibit’s site; including its virtual tour!

It will be worth a few minutes to view MSNBC’s The Week in Pictures.

If you didn’t see it, CBS News did a great piece on how Brad Pitt aged in his latest movie.

Let’s hear it for the guy who used a blow torch to melt the ice on his porch. It sure takes all kinds to make this world go around.