On Life’s Questions

Life is full of genuine questions. You know the type: why do we park in the driveway but drive on a parkway? Thought I’d toss a few more out there while welcoming your comments and additions.


Why is the glass being half full or half empty more important than what’s in the glass?

Say “power mower” …that’s pow•er moe•er … I’m sure you’ve got it. Here are two words with similar spellings, yet different pronunciations; so I wonder … why wasn’t this term any of these? …. pow•er mow•er … or …. poe•er moe•er … or …. poe•er mow•er

Why would anyone buy a gallon of tobasco sauce?

Why do stands contain seats?

How do parents punish a mute for swearing?

In the states with cold winters, what do the birds inside Home Depot and Lowe’s eat?

Hawaii is a beautiful place. With so many visitors from other states and countries at one time, why do you only see Hawaii license plates?

But One Answer
The tree falling in the forest produces sound waves. Without anything present capable of changing sound waves into sound, sorry …. no noise.