On Learning Never Stops

Whenever someone asks me if I would like to return to a younger age, my response is the same; “To be that stupid again? No thanks.” Abraham Lincoln said it best.

I don’t think much of a man who is not wiser today than he was yesterday.”

There’s no question that learning is a lifelong event. As a matter of fact, one could say that learning is a major lifelong event. No matter one’s age or their stage of life, learning happens every day.

A friend told me that he enrolled in enrichment classes at the University of Cincinnati. Of course I was thinking it was a deal for retirees to take credit classes for noncredit, but that was wrong.

The Bernard Osher Foundation supports 119 institutions across the country offering the Osher Lifelong Learning Institutes to people age 50 and older. At UC, over 70 noncredit classes.

Now here’s the stunner. The classes meet for about 90 minutes, once a week for about 8 weeks for the mere cost of $75. Oh no, not per class, the $75 registration fee covers all classes. (The UC catalog states that most people take 3 classes.)

So to my readers over 50, see if there is an Osher Learning Institute near you. For all others, pass the information to your family and friends over 50.  Keeping the mind active is good for everyone, and there’s always more to learn about any topic of interest.

10 thoughts on “On Learning Never Stops

  1. Absolutely agree about never stopping to learn everyday. As Joe said, I have to learn something everyday or it’s a lost day for me. I’ve learned quite a bit about bloggers from other countries as well as understanding their cultures a little better, too.

    Nice post Frank!


    • David … and to top it off, yesterday (the day of the post) I went to my first Osher class and the instructor was a no-show. I’m assuming some sort of miscommunication (and hopefully nothing bad).


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