On Responsibility

Since President Obama’s inaugural speech centered on a “new era of responsibility”, it’s time to get to the point.

To President Obama: As Rev. Watkins said at the National Prayer Service, (and I paraphrase): The ethical center is our bedrock of hope, yet situations will draw you away from your ethical center.  So it’s your responsibility to lead us so we may follow by your example.

To Banks: As our economic foundation, you made some lousy choices, and the country pays. We paid to stabilize the foundation and get credit flowing again. Yet, it seems credit is still tight and your industry is still struggling. Let’s return to the old days when banks gave loans to people and people rob banks; not the opposite. 

If you didn’t read Thomas Friedman’s Time for (Self) Shock Therapy this week about banks, this is a good one.

Responsibility carries burdens and responsibilities for one’s own action. Did you hear that Congress?

To Republicans: You proudly thump your chest as champions for fiscal restraint, yet you grossly failed to accept fiscal responsibility from 2001-2006. To the GOP I say, since you didn’t practice what you preach, use caution when blaming the other party and throwing roadblocks.

To Democrats: You are the Capitol Hill majority and occupy the White House, but can you listen? Can you govern to the will of the people? Can you serve the people over your own special interests? Can you find common ground with the GOP in order to give us bipartisan solutions? You’re actions will be watched and you will be held responsible.

To Voters: Congress has a very low approval rating, yet we support the majority seeking re-election. Given this “they’re bad, but not mine” attitude, is Congress really the problem? Are we getting exactly what we deserve? Yes voters, we too have to accept the responsibility of our actions too.