On 1972-73

It was the summer of 1972 and the Munich Summer Olympics. Although an Olympiad of tragedy, it was also one of pride. We Bowling Green students were excited that one of our own was in the Olympics.

Back to campus in the fall, a longtime friendship with Randy started. We talked tons of sports (and still do). At the start of the season I predicted not only would Miami would win the Super Bowl, but they be 17-0. Of course I haven’t let him forget that he calls it “the greatest prediction he’s ever heard.”

The coach Don Nehlen’s young Falcons were coming off a successful year and picked by many to win the MAC. After winning at Purdue and a 3-0-1 start after 4 road games, a tough Don James coached Kent State team burst on the scene at our home opener. That was my first exposure to HOF LB Jack Lambert, who made sure there was no Tangerine Bowl for us.

Randy was a Pirates fan, and October was the memorable Reds-Pirates playoff. Who could forget Johnny Bench’s game-tying HR in the bottom of the ninth! The eventual winning run for the Reds scored on a wild pitch by Bob Moose. To this Randy, Randy still steams about the game.

The Falcon basketball team was horrible the year before, but was loaded with a promising sophomore class. (Remember, freshman didn’t play in those days). The next three years were the same for basketball and football; high expectations and always the bride’s maid yet never the bride.

I loved Falcon hockey. The season brought us future ’76 Olympians Bob Dobek and Doug Ross; the latter was sitting out his transfer season. Little did I know that they were the prelude for a future Falcon to be the first to win an Olympic Gold and a Stanley Cup the same year; actually months apart. In the spring, Coach Jack Vivian jumped up to the newly-formed WHA, which that brought us Ron Mason, who would become the winnest coach in NCAA hockey history. And I’m sure Scott Hamilton skated between periods.

I never imagined that technology would remind me of those events 36 years later; let alone share it with others. After reading Basic Blaganomics about the Dolphins perfect season, Randy and I talked and laughed about the prediction, which led us into other events of that year. He still hasn’t forgiven Bob Moose, he won’t listen to my recording of the homer or the pitch, and I haven’t found the pitch on YouTube – at least not yet.

1972-73 was an interesting sports year for me; so here’s Dave Wottle’s 800 m race as called by the late, great Jim McKay …. and to think the Olympian was in one of my chemistry classes.

22 thoughts on “On 1972-73

  1. I have to say you made me feel young with this post! I wasn’t born until 1974.

    Anyway, you and Randy have quite a bond there coming from the same college as well as sports. I have read about the Munich Games and of course posted about the undefeated Dolphins(btw, thanks for the link). You really should have bet everything you had on that prediction! Heck, you could’ve solved the bailout problem by yourself if you did! LOL!

    Good stuff as always Frank.


    • Thanks David … glad you enjoyed the post and use it as a fountain of youth.

      Part of the post was to include names that when on to do something profound … which to me is one of the reasons for the specialness of the year. But it was your post that sparked the recollections! Thanks again.

      Hope you caught the embedded trivia question … plus watched the race.


  2. I’m Randy, and it has been a great long-term friendship, and “YES it still is the “greatest prediction I’ve ever heard”.

    You may not know this, but I played softball with Frank. I was very fast back then. Sometimes Frank would compare me to Dave Wottle. I remember running thru his “stop” sign at third base once and as I went past, I was sure I heard him say, “Look at that fat guy, Wottle”. (He might have said WADDLE, I was never sure.)

    PS–The only moose I ever liked was Bullwinkle.


    • Mo … I’m much appreciative. But David at BB was the one who inspired the thought. Fun looking back though & many of the names in the post are recognizable (but not all).

      Thanks for visiting and commenting Mo!


  3. Great post! Remember the “Immaculate Reception” in December of ’72? May never have happened if Jack Tatum wasn’t such a head hunter and just broke up the pass instead of trying to dismember the intended receiver.


    • JoseAz …Wow … that was ’72 too? Thanks … of course Tatum gave the play an Ohio connection … on the other hand, I don’t think there were any BG players in that game. It would be interesting to revisit the rosters to see if any MAC players were there.

      Thanks for visiting.


  4. The Dolphins prediction! Is that for real for real?!!!


    And Wottle! He wins the gold medal and that’s amazing and special and a lifetime achievement. He does it with a cap on? And doesn’t look the cap? He should have received a platinum medal!

    Fun fact about the WHA, Wayne Gretzky played for the Indianapolis Racers for a time because he was too young to play in the NHL.

    Love this piece.

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    • Marc,
      When I made the prediction before the season, the guys on the floor and others laughed. After winning the first 6, I felt it was in the bag!

      The Wottle race was unbelievable. Actually HUGE! … and to think he was in my chemistry lecture class. Forgot The Great One being in Indy. Thanks … and the first person to win Olympic Gold and the Stanley Cup in the same year … BG grad Ken Morrow – who ended up having a good NHL career.

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