On an Economic Stimulus

Although House leaders Pelosi and Boehner continue to be the poster images of what is wrong in Washington, I’m not limited to one ideology. I’m not subject to party pressure. I’m not subject to K Street power. I’m not out to block or best the other side. I’m not a rubber stamp, nor an automatic drummer of descent. I only offer grounded points for the economic stimulus.

An upcoming economic stimulus plan is getting a lot of buzz. I know there are ideological differences between the major parties; that’s the nature of politics. Taking care of special interests and pet projects is also the nature of politicians.


  • Have a clear focus and will all dollars directly related upon that focus.
  • Address both the short term and the long term.
  • Zero pork. I know one’s pork is another’s program, but no money to anything as studying the sex life of boll weevils.
  • No stretching the dollars into other programs. No to agency computers. No to family planning and school lunch programs. No to renovating K-12 school buildings. That’s no to anything not fundamentally directly related to our economic situation.
  • No individual stimulus checks to individuals. The last $500 was a poor investment and don’t do it again. Postage alone is a saving.
  • Do tax credits to individuals for doing something. Buy a car, get credit. Buy a car made in the U.S., get a credit. Buy an alternative fuel car, get a credit. Buy an American car made in the U.S., get a credit. Buy an American car from outside the U.S., sorry.
  • Do tax credits for companies who expand the American workforce. Sorry, no credits for U.S. companies expanding employment elsewhere.
  • Do get the banks lending.
  • Do rebuild infrastructure.
  • Do invest in new energy technologies, including funds to colleges and universities to produce capable workers.
  • Do attach conditions and demand accountability to business seeking/receiving funds.
  • Don’t lose slight that the global economy is more interwoven than ever.
  • Do make organizations disclose their intent for using the funds and include accountability. Nothing hidden or private because the financial sector snowed us once, but not again.
  • Do help states desiring help, if and only if they request for, can justify, and be held accountable for their decisions.
  • Don’t lose slight that the global economy is more interwoven than ever.

Since all sides use many statistics to reinforce their position, remember this – it’s easy to take a stance and then find the supportive stats.