On the New Cabinet & Advisors

A new administration means new people on the inside.

On Hillary Clinton (State): No problem; but I wouldn’t have nominated her because she also brings a gorilla into the room that easily raises questions.

On Timothy Geithner (Treas): So we now have a Secretary of the Treasury who had a tax issue leading a department that includes the IRS.  First of all, it seems many Americans would support his “don’t pay” tax plan … (Thank you Jay Leno) … and the ultimate trump on GOP tax cuts.

Although he paid his obligation (and hopefully with interest), I have one question: Where was the IRS during this? Gosh knows they’ve inconvenienced me on more than one occasion over issues stemming from they (the IRS) losing forms that I sent – and on one occasion, one that I personally delivered.

On Ray LaHood (Trans): Here’s a guy with 2 reputations: a bipartisan and a pork spender. Both are good: bipartisan solutions are necessary and he’s no longer in Congress.

On Tom Daschle (Health & HS): Yes, he has passion for health care reform, but who and the heck would want to tackle that mess! If a proposal comes forth in the first 100 days, that’s a bad sign because of the enormous nature of the problem.

On Arne Duncan (Educ): So the Supt of Chicago is reform minded. What does that mean? Doing something different in an outdated system with outdated standards or gutting the system to take it into the 21st century? Ooops … I forgot, the public won’t allow the latter.

On Bob Gates (Def): A good choice, yet my hunch is he is a transition choice; thus serving 2 years then stepping aside.

On Janet Napolitano (HL Sec): Although a former border state governor, she not tough enough for me.

On TBA: (Commerce): I want a business person, not a politician getting a political favor.

On Advisors: Using George Mitchell as special envoy to the Middle East is a great move. I hope President Obama doesn’t forget to use some distinguished, respectable, knowledgeable Republicans. What can Colin Powell, Chuck Hagel, James Baker, and others do? Thanks but no thanks, no Donald Rumsfeld.