On 25 Things about Me

Although I write about a variety of topics, I hope to take a break from politics. Well, that is assuming Congress doesn’t do anything abnormally stupid (but odds are they will do something stupid). So hopefully this will be the first of some political-free topics … well, with the exception of next Friday’s Opinions in the Shorts.

I’m not in Facebook at this time, but thought I’d join in on the lead from others.

  1. I qualify for Italian citizenship.
  2. My left hand is prosthetic because my original hand is in a jar as it touched by Shania.
  3. I delivered a sermon at my mother’s funeral. A future post anyone?
  4. After winning a game with a shot at the buzzer of the third OT, a group of us (in high school) were attacked by others and ensuing events totaled my car.
  5. While on a state board for a professional association, a colleague told me I was the best devil’s advocate she’s known … of which I respond, “Devil’s advocate my #**, I’m just being myself.”
  6. I love red wine, especially zinfandel and malbec.
  7. After a meal at a restaurant the manager came over and asked if there was anything else he could do. So I asked, “How about free dessert?” The first time response: “I can’t do that.” (Me) So why did you ask? …. I tried it again years later (to the surprise of 2 friends), and it worked … a large piece of cake with 3 forks!
  8. I played baritone in high school … including 5 years in college marching band. Now I play in a bell/chime choir at church, but we’re not the Raleigh Ringers.
  9. I don’t understand how anyone could not appreciate the drumbone.
  10. I prefer reading professional journals, nonfiction, or food/wine magazines over fiction.
  11. Sometimes something is so funny, it’s difficult for me to stop laughing. The last time was when TCP posted this video from YouTube.
  12. I’ve always owned a GM Car, starting with a 1965 Chevrolet Nova … sorry not the SS.
  13. I have played curling, and it is harder than it looks.
  14. I been interviewed by TV stations in Cincinnati and Houston , plus appeared 2 live radio interviews, was part of a podcast interview, a guest on Blog Bunker on Sirius satellite radio, and Al Roker stood in front of us doing the weather.
  15. We are approaching the end of year 2 of ballroom dance lessons.
  16. I sat through the entire coldest game ever in the NFL.
  17. I saw Mark Whiten’s 4 HR, 12 RBI game – those were four blasts!
  18. Many don’t understand my sense of humor.
  19. The Amalfi coast may be the most beautiful place I’ve visited, but Hubbard Glacier and Kauai’s NaPoli coast were awesome sites of nature.
  20. I hate caraway seeds.
  21. I watch the Food Network, enjoy cooking, and will provide my special spaghetti sauce recipe in the future.
  22. I love this saying: Time flies like an arrow, but fruit flies like banana.
  23. I love playing and watching golf – one of the few sports with no defense.
  24. I would eat at BEEZE’s restaurant if he owned one.
  25. Oh crap … Many times I find myself relating to Mo’s overall view of the world.

23 thoughts on “On 25 Things about Me

    • Thanks David … I guess all of us have things in common .. Mo & I discovered a couple via email. I added a few links to be a bit different.


    • Thanks Lester … sometimes a dry sense of humor doesn’t come across well in print … well, sometimes not even in person. OH well … such is life.


  1. Great post! I did a similar post after having been asked numerous personal questions. It’s titled…”Some Personal Questions Answered”. It was done on Aug 20, 2008

    I’m very grateful that we did a link exchange. Your site is simply wonderful. I’m constantly eager for your next post.

    Keep up the wonderful work.

    Your Friend,



  2. Nice to get to know the man behind the blog.

    I say we all pitch in together and buy Beeze his own place — the only bad thing is we won’t get Tales From the Fish House anymore.

    I’m glad you enjoyed the you tube flick — it takes me quite a while to stop laughing at it as well.

    I also enjoy a good glass of red wine, watch Food Network (am watching Barefoot Contessa as I type this, lol) and enjoy cooking (it’s a hobby the wife and I share together that’s actually G-rated lol).

    I will have to try the free dessert trick sometime in the future to see if I can get it to work.

    Great work Frank!

    Brad, aka tcp


    • TCP … The Barefoot Contessa is one of our favorites. We cooked her beef burgundy for a dinner party (of 10) and our guests clapped. Given my Italian heritage, yeah Mario Batali! Who knows how many recipes I’ve tried from FN shows … and many have been a success … and agree, cooking is something we too do together.

      Thanks for visiting & commenting


  3. Look what freakin’ facebook has started…Great list of 25 Frank…Who knew there were so many Band Geeks around here…This one time at band camp, I stuck my trombone in ….

    Thanks for the compliment…and Brad We could make a great ownership group…We have so much in common…

    17. Hard hittin’ Mark Whiten…I loved that guy…I remember that game.

    Great stuff.


    • BEEZE … now there’s a future post for you … “The life of my Trombone” …. or “My Trombone’s Travel Guide” … oh no, look what I may have started.

      Those Whiten HRs were shots … crushed … no doubters from the time they left the bat. The night was also one of the few chances I’ve had down in the good seats … probably the first 10-15 rows. The Reds were getting smacked, but we stayed just to see him continue to bat.

      Speaking of your restaurant … if I’m lucky … a future post may even address your menu.

      Thanks Beeze!


  4. I have a list about myself I should post, I believe I used to have it on my old Facebook account, not sure I have it listed any longer under notes. I used to have friends rolling over information they NEVER knew about me …all very strange and humerous traits ha ha! Hey to know me is to love me…right? 🙂 Good job.


    • Kellie,
      Welcome first-time commenter. Glad you liked this. I think I did the the 25 things about me post as an offshoot from Facebook, although I wasn’t a FB member at the time. In time, I become more creative, such as several renditions of 25 people that weren’t in my graduating class. Thanks for visiting and commenting.


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