On those Special Vacation Moments

What was your one favorite moment? What was the one moment that captured the trip? When a friend returns from a vacation, those are the questions I like to know.

Tflorencehere’s no question, our 2007 cruise of Italy and Croatia was our best vacation ever. Not long ago we were talking vacations with friends and my wife got a little choked up when describing what happened to her in Florence.

While walking from the train station down Via dei Banchi toward the Duomo, the street was bending, and then … POW! Towering over the 4-story buildings and looming ahead, the Duomo suddenly and majestically appeared. She was stunned, and to stop to catch her breath, and then take this picture.

veniceFor me, there was nothing better than being on deck at 7 am with Venice straight ahead. The approaching sight wonderful and full of anticipation, but then topped by the 900 ft. ship going right down the main canal, passing St. Marks Square, then swinging around to dock along a sidewalk – a 5-minute walk from the square.

So remember those quesitons the next time a friend or colleague returns from a vacation. Please share any of your single, special vacation moments that captured the trip.

17 thoughts on “On those Special Vacation Moments

  1. Well, there was this time we were in the Bahamas and found ourselves broke. The ATM card wouldn’t work and we’re miles from the port where we needed to go. So, we did what any rational couple would – we took a cab with our last $5 to some shopping district.

    She had a bunch of English pound notes in her purse so we went to an international bank to get it exchanged and as we walked over, we found a $20 on the ground!

    More than enough to get back to port, AND get a $3 Bahamian dollar in the process 🙂 Good times!


    • Lester,
      Ahhh … very good … had 2 weeks there once … one week on Kaiui, 4 days on the big island, and 3 in Honolulu. The serenity is magnified when you end in the city.

      Thanks for the recollection!


  2. Well, I would say that my first trip to Chicago was the best. Standing on the top level of Sears Tower looking at clear day and getting great shots of the city was priceless. Plus, I pulled a Ferris Bueller and leaned over the railing looking at downtown. That was a good way up, and I would gladly go again. I also got to see the Bears play against the Giants which turned out to be Brian Urlacher’s first career start at inside linebacker.

    I did go to Philly to watch the Army-Navy game this past season, and the halftime show was maybe the best spectacle I’ve seen in sports.

    Thanks for sharing your story, and that’s one cruise I wouldn’t mind taking either.

    Nice job Frank!


    • David … I love Chicago … darn I miss Harry Carey … I recall passing him on Rush Street.

      Army-Navy must have been awesome!

      Thanks for the thoughts.


  3. Cherry Grove Beach (north of Myrtle) South Carolina, 2006.

    No relatives, no hotel, no dogs. Just me, my wife and the kids in a new condo (an upgrade ’cause they were doing repairs on the one we originally rented) across the street from the Ocean.

    Quiet, unlike N. Myrtle and Myrtle–uncrowded beach, no traffic, sweet!


  4. I have too many moments, all magical and spetacular. Mendocino coast, Treviso and Trento in Italy and Sienna. Driving the Amalfi Coast and the road to Assiago (we do a lot of driving); the Fjords in Norway; Bryce Canyon at sunrise; The Grand Canyon anytime; Petra in Jordan etc. etc. etc. All had a moment of awe when a particular view or sight revealed itself.


    • Rachel,
      All sound wonderful! When a friend returns from their vacation, I like to ask them to give me their one, and only one, most favorite moment. Thanks for sharing and digging into my archives.


  5. One of the best vacation experiences for me is a montage of several. I was a sea-going naval officer with a career lasting 22 years and thus saw the ocean in all its varied meteoric acts over the years. But seen through the lens of duty, neither its variability nor it’s serenity can be fully appreciated. Now, seeing it at sunset from the crow’s nest of a 900 foot cruise ship, martini in hand, is unbeatable. The past flavors and enhances the experience like a good wine does food.


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  7. Jim and I celebrated our 30th anniversary on the rim of the Grand Canyon (not on the date of our actual anniversary, but a month later) and renewed our wedding vows at dawn. We were the only ones there, it was Thanksgiving morning, and we were — and are — grateful, extraordinarily grateful, for our lives together.


  8. I will go with our most recent vacation (2012) – which happened to be our 1st family vacation. It was a local trip to Chicago. We went to see the Red Sox take on the Cubs. We purchased a Red Sox Destination package.
    The whole experience was awesome! We got to tour Wrigley Field, meet Saltalamacchia, catch batting practice – the kids got lots of autographs, went to two games – which included one on a roof top! Fun stuff 🙂


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