On 25 nonClassmates

Sometimes I think about Cliff Clavin’s appearance on Jeopardy and the way he answered the final question. With that in mind, here are a few notes about people that weren’t in my graduating class.

  1. I didn’t graduate with Tiger Woods, but I did see him play in his last U.S. Open as an amateur.
  2. I didn’t graduate with Bob Seeger, but I did see him as a warm-up act.
  3. I didn’t graduate with Joe Namath, but I did talk to him about the Orange Bowl loss 35+ years later.
  4. I didn’t graduate with Sam Wyche, but I did see his team execute an onside kick to the side of the field without any players… oh yes, an untouched return for a TD.
  5. I didn’t graduate with Otis Birdsong, but I did see him score 40+ points one night in a losing effort.
  6. I didn’t graduate with Gerald Ford, but I attended his speech when the popping flash bulb was mistaken as an assassination attempt.
  7. I didn’t graduate with George Carlin, but I did see a performance for a very close, front row seat … and he could do strange looks.
  8. I didn’t graduate with former ESPN anchor Dan Patrick, but I know several of his siblings.
  9. I didn’t graduate with CNN political analyst Bill Schneider, but he was gracious to converse with me at an airport several weeks before the election.
  10. I didn’t graduate with Tom Seaver, but to this day I’m still bothered by the fact me that I decided not to go to the game that became his only no-hitter.
  11. I didn’t graduate with Ben Davidson, but what a thrill being told by the NFL/Raider-great, “Thanks for remembering me.”
  12. I didn’t graduate with Pete Rose, but I attended the game before hitting record-breaking 4192 – and the only time I’ve ever known a visiting relief pitcher getting a rousing ovation when heading to the bullpen.
  13. I didn’t graduate with Harry Chapin, but that was the best-ever $2 concert.
  14. I didn’t know Rembrandt, but I did fall asleep in front of one of his paintings at the Prada Museum in Madrid (due to jetlag of course).
  15. I didn’t graduate with QB Dan Fouts, but he didn’t throw very well at the 1982 Freezer Bowl – the coldest NFL game ever … and I was there.
  16. I didn’t graduate with any of them, but it was a thrill to see both Jack Nicklaus and Lee Trevino insist that Arnold Palmer be the first to walk up to the 18th green after playing a round together.
  17. I didn’t graduate with Olympic gold medalist Dave Wottle or Scott Hamilton, but I saw them do their thing before their crowning achievements.
  18. I didn’t graduate with Rob Bachman (BTO), but I have a pair of play-in-concert drum sticks.
  19. I didn’t graduate with David Funk, but the man knows how to promote his blog.
  20. I didn’t graduate with Bradley, but his occasional rants on The Coach Potato Chronicles are a hoot. Here’s a rant.
  21. I didn’t graduate with Tim Valentine, but his blog entries (Thoughts, Ideas, and Suggestions) are very articulate.
  22. I didn’t graduate with Lester, but his Lester’s Legends site in a must for fantasy sports participants.
  23. I didn’t graduate with Mo Morrissey, but I’ve corresponded with him by e-mail.
  24. I didn’t graduate with Shania Twain, but she did high-five my left hand. Did I ever tell you I now have a prosthetic left hand?

15 thoughts on “On 25 nonClassmates

  1. Wow, Great list. I am glad to see the Harry Chapin reference.
    I was a huge fan and saw him 2 times a years from 1976 thru 1981, and I was actually headed to Eisenhower Park on Long Island where he was going to be giving a free outdoor concert the day he died. It was one of the saddest days in my life next to the days My parents and oldest brother passed away.
    Oh and great link to Tim Valentine’s blog.


    • Larry … whew … I stirred up a lot of memories for you, and you dwell more on the positive ones.

      Harry’s music still is great!

      Tim’s blog is good … a wonderful writer. Enjoy!
      Thanks for stopping by.


  2. Great stuff! I admit I was surprised to see my name in there, and thanks for the good words.

    I should have known that a Shania Twain reference was going to end this post!

    I didn’t graduate with Afrank Angle, but the man knows how to run a successful campaign! LOL!

    Nice work buddy!


    • David … Actually this post went up by accident as I clicked publish instead of save … then later I noticed 2 comments … thus oh crap! LOL … but true … so I went in and added links to several.

      Shania may make a lot of my lists!


    • LOL Mo!…. but I know better … you’re a genius, thus will figure out a way. I’m glad you caught it because I had something earlier this week that you must not have seen that I figured you would appreciate … but heck, I can’t recall what it was! LOL!

      Thanks for the comment.


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  5. Number 14, hilarious! David Funk? Was going to resume my surname, but now you’ve got me thinking of more intriguing last names. Can’t wait to check-out some of the blogs you’ve listed. Couch Potato Chronicles, especially.


  6. I know how you feel, about missing Tom Seaver’s no-hiiter. I had the opposite (luck) earlier this summer. At the last minute I decided to drive down to GABP to watch the Reds play, and hit the jackpot with Homer Bailey’s no-hitter.


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