On Darwin’s 200th Birthday

Today is Charles Darwin’s birthday. Interestingly, when I see lists promoting all-time great thinkers, Mr. Darwin is usually the only biologically-oriented person on the list; which is generally dominated by mathematicians, philosophers, and physicists.

Although polls point to 40-47% of Americans not believing evolution, I wonder how many of this group can even tell anyone what evolution actually is? – Let alone define science. In other words, how can one be against something they don’t know what it is? Sure there are people who know and can answer that question, but that group must be small!

Although many anti-evolutionists use “I’m a Christian” to justify their position, I point my finger at the many churches who do not step up to the plate to educate their flock that “Evolution is ok … it falls within our teaching and here’s why.”

I’m sure some do, but as a whole, the Roman Catholics, Presbyterians, United Methodists, ELCA Lutherans, the United Church of Christ churches, Anglicans/Episcopalians, and others are letting the fundamentalist Christian churches speak for everyone … and they don’t! So I wonder how many people in these congregations actually know their own church’s teaching?

Although some church goers face a “you must choose” decision between evolution and Genesis that is driven from the pulpit, most do not. While some are told “only atheists believe in evolution”, others are not told anything, thus stand to be absorbed by countless misconceptions, boundless misinformation, and threats of believable damnation.

I’m a Christian: Not only am I one believing in God and evolution, but I believe in a much grander creation by God – not one selling God short – but the one where God has created a self-maintain Earth – a much bigger and more spectacular creation than creationists can imagine.


Frank & Ernest: August 16, 1989: Copyright by Bob Thaves