On Darwin’s 200th Birthday

Today is Charles Darwin’s birthday. Interestingly, when I see lists promoting all-time great thinkers, Mr. Darwin is usually the only biologically-oriented person on the list; which is generally dominated by mathematicians, philosophers, and physicists.

Although polls point to 40-47% of Americans not believing evolution, I wonder how many of this group can even tell anyone what evolution actually is? – Let alone define science. In other words, how can one be against something they don’t know what it is? Sure there are people who know and can answer that question, but that group must be small!

Although many anti-evolutionists use “I’m a Christian” to justify their position, I point my finger at the many churches who do not step up to the plate to educate their flock that “Evolution is ok … it falls within our teaching and here’s why.”

I’m sure some do, but as a whole, the Roman Catholics, Presbyterians, United Methodists, ELCA Lutherans, the United Church of Christ churches, Anglicans/Episcopalians, and others are letting the fundamentalist Christian churches speak for everyone … and they don’t! So I wonder how many people in these congregations actually know their own church’s teaching?

Although some church goers face a “you must choose” decision between evolution and Genesis that is driven from the pulpit, most do not. While some are told “only atheists believe in evolution”, others are not told anything, thus stand to be absorbed by countless misconceptions, boundless misinformation, and threats of believable damnation.

I’m a Christian: Not only am I one believing in God and evolution, but I believe in a much grander creation by God – not one selling God short – but the one where God has created a self-maintain Earth – a much bigger and more spectacular creation than creationists can imagine.


Frank & Ernest: August 16, 1989: Copyright by Bob Thaves

17 thoughts on “On Darwin’s 200th Birthday

  1. I agree with you wholeheartedly that there is a major problem in churches today preaching that evolution is wrong with no explanation as to why it is sinful to believe that there is an evolutionary process at work.

    I also agree with your thought that it is possible to be a Christian and believe in evolution, as I also hold that position.

    Great work frank!


    • Brad … thanks … keep this in mind … one of my points is aimed at the churches supporting evolution while not taking the time to educate their congregation.

      Thanks for stopping by.


  2. Great points Frank. I’m also a Christian that believes in evolution. I find that poll you posted here of those believing in evolution very misleading. I think it probably is more like a quarter or a third because of not understanding exactly what it is. But to each is there own.

    Nice work!


    • Thanks David … sometimes I shake my head trying to distinguish between one’s stupidity and one’s ignorance on the subject. Besides, there are too many out there saying evolutionist are atheists.

      Oh well … life goes on … thanks for the drop by!


  3. Frank – I am a Christian and believe that God created man as a complete and highly intelligent being.

    I also believe that life forms evolve.

    I also believe that science and God can stand side by side and make perfect sense. After all, God is the Creator of science and all it encompasses.

    Frank you have produced another well written thought provoking piece.



  4. 😀 Once again you’ve inspired me. You actually got a little chuckle out of me, because I could hear myself in your post.

    I often come under attack by my fellow Christians because I challenge them to show themselves approved. Absolutely enjoy the blog. I’ve already bookmarked it.

    Perhaps I need to change my blog title to “A Frank Angle 2” or yours to “Thoughts, Ideas & Suggestions 2” because we agree 100%.



    • Tim … So I’m providing inspirations …. now that’s funny … (inside joke others) … thanks Tim.

      The ignorant are one thing, but “supportive” churches standing on the sidelines bugs me – hence the little jab at them.

      Thanks for stopping by.


  5. Frank, I’m with you. The astounding truths of our earth and it’s creatures laid bare by science validate and underscore the existence of a higher power.
    At least that’s what my little pea brain tells me. From that point, for me, the controversy is solved. That solution leaves me time to shoot pictures, write articles, do my household chores, play with my dogs and cats and do work for my clients. Not necessarily in that order.
    If others wish to spend their productive time arguing points which will never be accepted by the other side, let them have at it, but don’t invite me. I’m busy walking my Rottweiler.
    Thanks for your insight,


    • Joe …. I really like you last point about arguing points that won’t be heard …. thus why argue! The two extremes on either side of this issue won’t listen to the other, but I content there are tons of people in the middle who can be reached by educating … which is my point about the churches NOT teaching their members.

      You’re right … nature has provided you a wonderful venue for taking pictures!

      Thanks Joe for your thoughts.


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  7. Nice post.

    A book that you/your readers may be interested in is Ken Miller’s “Finding Darwin’s God” (http://www.findingdarwinsgod.com/). It’s a well put together piece that elegantly reconciles evolution and a christian deity.

    I recently ran across pamphlet in an orthodox church that outlined the church’s position on evolution/Genesis and found it to be a complete cop-out, stating absolutely no position. I wondered if that lack-of-position tactic is used to maintain patronship of folks who personally have come to their own, potentially uninformed, decision and would otherwise turn away from the church if they felt the church stood for something they don’t believe in. If that logic is extended further ( and related to your post), could churches that do have statements in favor of evolution and God (i.e., the catholic church) avoid teaching that issue in general to keep up the number of patrons?


    • Justin … Thanks for book suggestion. Ken Miller is a very respected biology educator and one I trust. I recently found this reference … Saving Darwin: How to Be a Christian and Believe in Evolution, by Karl W Giberson … and see it is available at my local library.

      Thanks too to your thoughts regarding the church. I imagine avoidance of the topic is for many reasons … some possibly boiling down to the church pastor level. Heck, how many of them are know enough about the topic (science wise) to answer questions … thus avoidance is understandable … BUT a reason why they need a tag-team partner!

      Thanks for visiting!


  8. Catholicism is as pro-evolution as it gets. As are the churches of England, scotland, ireland and wales.

    The issue here though is more to do with ‘our’ inability to comprehend deep time. Why can’t a creator god have initiated each ‘big bang’? As it’s ability to know and see all would allow it to determine that sentient life would eventually come into being. Evolution looked at from that viewpoint is more than compatible with most monotheist faiths.

    This has nothing to do with ID or creationism. These rely more on a humano-centric ideal that we are the top of the chain, which to me smacks of kudos. Mankind is freed by the creator to have his own freewill, but it seems that the proponents of ID want an actively interferring God that pushes a pro-human agenda which if a creator god does exist, is exactly the opposite of what we’ve got!


    • Catholicism yes … but also many mainline Protestant churches. The Pew Research Center (here in the U.S.) provides much great information, including this about evolutionary stances.


      How science and theology are both separate and concentric in our lives is interesting – and one that people don’t fully understand. As I’ve said, the “you must chose” attitude sells creation short (in my view). Hence theocreationists and theoevolutionists … but something which science can’t justify.

      Chaz … thanks for dropping by and your comments.


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