On Bummed

Readers who have been here before will probably not a different tone, so I admit … I’m bummed.

There’s a lot of bad news these days. Not that the media used to be cheerful, but the nature of difficult times is applied each day. I can’t recall ever feeling this disturbed about the big picture. Yes, I’m bummed.

This isn’t about a political party; not about an ideology or a theology; not about a race or a philosophy – yet it’s all reality.

I see the world in a difficult economic crisis, but I don’t see the world even trying to work together for its own common good.

I see this country in a difficult economic period, but I don’t see sincere attempts to help its self, let alone within a worldly role.

I see a country that once led the world by being the leading lender, now being deeply indebted to others.

I see this country needing leadership, especially legislative – yet in a time of need, partisan gamesmanship gets the highest priority.

I see new president who is young, articulate, bright, and with potential to rally the people; but one who has already been sucked into and dumped on by both sides of the aisle.

I see a financial market suffering, and the retirement of many shrinking; yet now wonder if our retirement will ever come.

I see selfishness as the first and only, which doesn’t bode well for us.

I see a people needing help and to the need to help each other, yet concentrating on a pointless blame game while shedding responsibility.

I see a human species with an unbridled ability to learn, yet knowing so little about itself – thus the battles between the ignorant and the stupid.

I see many people expending energy of hate in many forms, thus causing me to lose hope in the nature of human goodness that I used to think would prevail.

I see life as we knew it quickly vanishing, yet wondering when the next shoe will fall.

I hear myself wondering – does anyone really care? Not about me, but about all this.

Yes, I’m bummed.