On “He Said Beer, She Said Wine”

When it comes to pairing food and wine, there’s the old adage: red wines go with red meats and white whites go with white meat. Then again, years ago I recall Justin Wilson (The Cajun Chef) sitting down to eat the fish dinner he just prepared and saying, ” Now you may be wondering why I’m drinking red wine with fish. It’s simple – because I like it.”

Pairing food and wine is an artful science as I learned the hard way. Years ago my wife missed several weeks of work due to a surgery. So upon her return from her first day back to work, I made a meal and purchased and a Pride Mountain Merlot (for those that don’t know, a good one).

I recall my first sip of wine after tasting the food thinking the wine wasn’t worth the price! Of course, the real reason is that the food and wine didn’t match. Yep – the wine was wonderful the next day without that main course.

Although I don’t really know that much about pairing foods and wine, at least I know its importance and respect the science behind the art. Did you know that different beers can also be matched to dinner courses?

He Said Beer, She Said Wine is written by a sommelier and a brewer. After I heard the authors on a local radio show, I found them on YouTube. Although I haven’t read the book, the information I’ve heard is intriguing; thus I want to share.