On Birthdays (56)

Years ago, since we had many newcomers, our department leader passed around paper requesting everyone’s birthday. Being me, I write December 7, 1941.

Of course the few that really knew me chuckled and let it pass. Sure enough, when that day arrived, a fellow worker greets me with a “happy birthday”, and of course I’m denying that it was my birthday. She didn’t believe me, but promised not to tell anyone.

I don’t make a big deal about my birthday. I like it when someone remembers, but I’m not one to bring attention to myself. NO … today is not my birthday, but as an Aquarian, the day has past. So today I honor the number 56; and thanks Mo for sparking the idea.

  • No retired baseball uniforms, but 56 was worn by Jim Bouton, Dave Righetti, Tug McGraw (only his first year), and probably countless September callups
  • 56 in not a common NBA number, thus only worn by 2 players: Francisco Elson and Brandon Hunter
  • 56 is retired number by 3 NFL teams: Lawrence Taylor (Giants), Joe Schmidt (Lions), and Bill Hewitt (Bears)
  • Joe Dimaggio’s 56-game hitting streak
  • WFIL, Famous 56, a Philadelphia radio station from days gone by
  • (18)56, the year of the first Republican to run for president (John Fremont)
  • 56 A.D. was a leap year starting on a Thursday
  • 56 B.C. had a made for TV event

According to Wikipedia,
Clodia accuses her former lover Marcus Caelius Rufus of trying to poison her. The trial ends with the defendant acquitted thanks to the Pro Caelio speech of Marcus Tullius Cicero.

  • Here’s a 56-mile bike ride
  • 56 men signed the (U.S.) Declaration of Independence
  • 56 is divisible by 8 numbers
  • An atom of neutrally-charged atom of barium contains 56 protons and 56 protons, which is not the reason it sinks in water
  • There were 56 episodes of MacGyver in seasons 5 through 7
  • Hack Wilson’s NL 56-HR mark stood for 56 + 11 years
  • Saddam Hussein was executed 56 days after his conviction
  • 56 is also fifty six cinquanta sei, cinqüenta e seis, fünfzig sechs, vijftig zes, femti seks, vaghmaH jav, iftyfay ixsay, and many others (can you identify any languages?)
  • No Interstate 56, but you can buy a t-shirt for it
  • Travel U.S. Route 56 from Kansas City, Mo to Springer, NM (640 miles, which is not divisible by 56) … nor is Route 56 a famous song … but give it +10 and you’re on your way
  • Visit Fifty-Six, Arkansas … Hey Joe, how about a picture? (And Joe came through, so click here.)

For more information about 56, see Wikipedia.


10 thoughts on “On Birthdays (56)

  1. The #56 in basball I think of Jim Bouton with his crew cut and hat falling off on every pitch.

    I knew you would appreciate the Yankee reference! Thanks for the comment … and yes, a reminder of that image that I can remember.


  2. Who knew there was so much to dig up on 56…Happy belated birthday!!!

    Very cool post!

    Looking for the info was interesting … of course I had to draw the line somewhere. Thanks!


  3. Woo hoo – Happy Birthday Frank!!!

    You are a fellow Februarian! 🙂 (Made up word)

    I am not big on celebrating b-days but just as a point of reference since you are a Februarian my b-day is tomorrow!

    I hope you had a GREAT day and an even more blessed year!


    Paulette …
    Many thanks … and hopefully I’ll remember to pass a wish along tomorrow … cheers to Februarians!


  4. Frank, I’ll swear I read that post well, how in the world I missed the 56 AR note, I’ll never know. Maybe the phone range or something. I will put the “56” shot on my hit-list.

    JOE … LOL … Now you see why I reminded you of the post as I figured how missed it … after all, it was at the end so maybe the phone rang or something.


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  6. Thanks for the birthday wishes you sent me–and I send them back to you! Belatedly, or maybe it is very, very early! I love the tribute to 56, especially the McGyver details.


    • Patti,
      Glad you enjoyed it. At least I didn’t send you 57. 😉 I occasionally do these number posts to mark a birthday/anniversary, etc. So, 57 is waiting on this site for you. (In the sidebar, Categories > Numbers). Thanks for checking it out!


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