On a Challenging Thought

What would you choose to do if you were guaranteed not to fail?

This question was put forth by one of my pastors in a church sermon, and it has been bugging me ever since. To me it didn’t mean getting rid of a dreadful disease as cancer with one simple fairy tale type of wish. After all, I don’t know anything about cancer research. Nor do I think it meant anything like racing in and winning the Kentucky Derby or Indianapolis 500; nor hitting a series winning grand slam with 2 outs in the bottom of the 9th of game 7.

Since it’s not about waving a magic wound or a personal fantasy, it must be making a choice in the parameters of your own life; including where one could make a difference.

What choice would I make and for what reason? Sadly, I don’t know; but I’m thinking.

Human life is a series of connections as the action of one gets passed on to others; and this domino effect is powerful! Although I struggle with answering the question, it is still a good question to ponder; thus I leave it to you.


4 thoughts on “On a Challenging Thought

  1. Are You Reading My Mind? I was just writing something about this. I think you’ve got my laptop bugged. Seriously, excellent post.

    I won’t bog you down with all of the things I would do if I knew I wasn’t going to fail. I will just say that the world would be better place, but I would want to alter history.

    The selfish things would be to dunk on Jordan, Kobe, Shaq and LaBron James something embarrassing, then act as if it was routine for me. Beat Tiger Woods in the Masters so bad that I have to encourage him to keep playing the game. But like you’ve said those are fantasies.

    It’s an excellent question, very thought provoking.

    We seem to find ourself on the same mental track lately; of course whether that’s good or bad is another thought … oops .. .there’s another post! ha ha ha!!!

    We mentioned some great fantasies … both in terms of history and sports … As a golfer, I loved the Tiger one! Then again, as stated, the question is a tough one.


  2. I think mine wouldn’t mind altering history a little bit either. Of course, it would also have to involve eliminating human hate that has existed throughout the world’s history.

    Personally, throwing a touchdown in a Super Bowl as a quarterback and winning a Heisman Trophy would be high up the list. Stepping into a wrestling ring to win the WWE Title is up there, too(Yeah, you knew that was coming, right?).

    Very thought-provoking indeed Frank.

    Thanks David.


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