Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 13

On the Proposed Government Budget
Yes, the people want government to stabilize and stimulate the economy, but the people also want fiscal prudence and responsible spending. – And that’s the point President Obama and Congress don’t get.

On Congressional Republicans
As they attempt to portray themselves as fiscal protectors, their motives are strictly political – not ideological; let alone a personal insult to knowing Americans. John Boehner’s continual instance of “we lost our way” stance is nothing more than scapegoat for becoming an out-of-power political party. Mr. Boehner, if you can’t practice what you preach, don’t preach. My memory isn’t that short.

On Race and the White House
Although I question whether any statistical confirms this next statement, but I wonder how many people who don’t support the president, actually take that stance because of race? Although many won’t admit it, but I simply wonder.

On Double Standards
Are Republicans being hypocritical by voting against the stimulus bill while jumping for joy when their district gets funding? Here’s an interesting post from Let Us Talk.

On the Governator

Last week on This Week, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (R-CA) explained that given the current federal deficit, the only response thing for Washington to do is raise taxes and cut spending … not or, but AND. He also explained how the tax increase should be temporary. Now when was the last time anyone has heard a politician say something as sensible as that? Of course I agree.

On the Budget Situation

In early October and campaign season, I wrote 4 posts on the federal budget: History, Revenue, Spending, and the Dilemma.

On the Reds
As with typical baseball team, the Reds open spring raining with many questions. Rumor has it that Aaron Harang’s velocity is below 90. If so, that is a troubling sign.

During 2008 GM lost approximately $3700 for every car sold … yet they don’t seem to get it.

On an Internet Resource
The Real Clear family serves as a good collecting tool. Whether it be Real Clear Politics, World, Sports, and Markets, see the Resource links to the right as any one of them takes to the collection.