On the Approach of the Pasttime

fenwaywinter1Ballpark turnstiles sit idle as the seats remain vacant during the winter; with some only to be occupied by snow. Starting in mid-February the sights and sounds of spring training serve as a slow-thawing lubricant. News reports and video from spring training offer northerners like me a glimpse what is to come.

Ah yes, the transitional beauty of spring flowers, buds, and  its increasing warmth jumpstarting our souls from the wintertime blues. But not yet, it is only spring training; we can only anticipate the days ahead for the boys of summer.

Baseball fans are eternal optimists. Winter builds up the battery charges of This is the Year hope. Fans eagerly anticipate the season’s first pitch and the glory that lies ahead for their men on the diamond. The winter chills are still with us, but spring training warms our hearts and soul with everything that it signals.

For some, realization of Maybe Next Year will fall upon them by May; yet for others it will be one of the other months ahead. Even that is ok because as baseball gets closer, we know that winter is coming to an end.

 Image from http://www.thejoyofsoxmovie.com