On Carnivorous Squirrels

squirrel-2Whether in the park or at home, squirrels are unquestionably cute creatures to watch. On the other hand those with bird feeders know the trouble they can be. Now everyone knows that squirrels love nuts and seeds; hence the reason for those sharp, chisel-like incisors.


Years ago my wife battled the squirrels at the garden. For whatever reason, it seems liked to newly planted seedlings. She planted on Sunday, and surrendered to the squirrels they next day after returning home from work to find a bare garden.


This post though is about the squirrels that you may not be familiar: the carnivorous squirrel. A few weeks ago our deck was covered with snow, and a dead wren lay near our enclosure; probably from a fatal collision with the screen.


More snow covered the bird. Days later the melting snow returned the wren to plain sight. On Saturday my wife looked out the window and to her amazement she saw and watched the squirrel devour the wren. Later that day I went onto the deck to remove the carcass and I was surprised to see only feathers as ruminants.


Since my wife recalled the tale at a recent family gathering, I sought information on the WWW for verification of this occurrence. To my surprise, I discovered these … Yes … carnivorous squirrels exist! Check out these two posts: Kelly and DausetTrails.