On a Special Golfer

pga_g_compton_200Entered in this weeks PGA event (Honda Classic) is a golfer I didn’t know – Erik Compton. His life is one of those dramatic, feel-good stories including receiving a heart transplant during his youth, a Nationwide Tour player, a near fatal heart attack, a second heart transplant, and his qualifying exception for this tournament.

Although here’s the story I read regarding his return, don’t stop there. In my research I discovered that Jim Moriarty, a contributing writer for Golf World, won a 2009 Golf Writer’s Association award for Best Non-Daily Feature. The story, Change of Heart, tells the much more of the story, and through the glories of the Internet, I found this one too.

Comptom is in the tournament through an exemption. A great pick by the tournament committee. He’ll play Thursday and Friday, yet may or may not make the cut; however, this is still a great story.

For those who appreciate the human-interest and comeback side of sports, this is a must read. Enjoy.

Image from Kevin C. Cox, Getty Images

9 thoughts on “On a Special Golfer

  1. Excellent link and thanks for posting! I fully agree that this is a great pick by the committee regardless if he qualifies or not. Here’s hoping Comptom makes the cut!

    BTW, I bookmarked both links.

    Nice post!

    Totally agree with hoping he makes the cut. Plus … I knew you would like this story. Thanks!


  2. Wow some story. Thanks for posting.

    Feel good stories are always great … and considering the world of sports, much needed. On the other hand, sports is loaded with good guys who get overshadowed by the others.
    Thanks Larry!


  3. Awesome story. Thank you for sharing. With all the Manny, A-Rod, Cutler…stories, it’s nice to read one that makes you smile rather than grimace. Thanks again.

    Agree … and how can one not root for the guy. I’ve been monitoring online just because of him. He’s going to make the cut! Thanks for the comment.


  4. I haven’t had a chance to watch anything. I’m a new golfer and itching to begin hacking away. I wish I would had time to check this tournament out on The Golf Channel. Oh Well.

    Good post.

    He’s going to make the cut … for sure … but I don’t know what network is televising this weekend. Check your local listings. Thanks for the comment.


  5. very cool

    I had never heard of him

    he already is a winner before he picks up a club.

    3rd Stone,
    He doesn’t have his PGA card, thus the exemption to get in. He’ll make the cut for sure (as I’ve checked scores to date).
    Glad you enjoyed this one, and thanks for commenting.


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