On Recent Time Away

sunsetI’ve been on the move for the past 10 days; most of which was on a family vacation. Good news is I was able to keep up with posts; bad news being that I couldn’t keep up reading and commenting on my favorite sites. Besides returning to a lot to do, I’ve must also backtrack to many of your posts.

This was a family gathering of adults: 3 in our 50s and 3 in their 70s. We gathered where my in-laws spend January through mid-March: Cribe Resort in Orange Beach, Alabama. Here are some random tidbits of my time way.

windyVisit the Cribe’s site if you’re interested in the northern gulf-coast region. This area provides fall-like weather this time of year, but hey, still better than in Ohio. The first weekend involved some strong, chilling winds from the north to create havoc. Then each day was a gradual improvement from the previous.

As a group we like to play a mindless card game called golf. Interestingly, three different people won the third three games on three consecutive nights while sitting in the same chair … and I wasn’t one of the three … but my win broke the streak!

florabamaHave you ever been to a bar that sells T-shirts describing itself as the Ultimate Dive? If so, you’ve been to the Flora-Bama Lounge. If not, the Flora-Bama is one of the unique places in Americana. It’s beyond description and can only be believed through experience.

While on a boat to view dolphins, I did get this interesting shot.dolphins