Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 16

On NCAA Nicknames
For those loving team nicknames, and in the spirit of the Road to the Final Four that gets in full swing today, here are great trivia questions from Richard Rosenblatt, AP Sports Writer.

On Women’s Basketball Tournament
The only time I really follow the NCAA women’s tournament is when my alma mater is in the mix. Fans may remember Bowling Green’s surprise run to the Sweet 16 in 2007. Interestingly, this year’s Falcons were 28-4, won 28 of their last 30, won 25 in a row, won the MAC (15-1), ranked 39 in the RPI, lost in the conference tournament finals by 4, but had a weak strength of schedule – All translating into an NIT bid.

On an Achievement
Congratulations Martin Broudeur on becoming NHL’s most-winning goaltender of all-time (list). Quite a feat, of course so was passing my alltime favorite: Mr. Goalie, Glenn Hall.

On Alternative Energy
Columnist Thomas Freidman had an excellent column about stepping-up-to-the-plate to think beyond typical alternative energy sources.

On Speaker Pelosi
Speaker Pelosi amazed me by declaring she’s not a partisan leader. I agree because she’s no more partisan than John Boehner; yet we continually wonder why Washington is dominated by the clueless. The link for those who want to read more.

On Washington Dealing with Problems
When Congress met after 9-11, do you think the hallowed halls were filled with partisan BS or constructive dialogue? Sure it was the later because our legislators knew the seriousness of the situation.

Compare that to their actions now. Hmmm … Which of the following does their partisan dogma signal?
A) They don’t think there’s an economic problem
B) They don’t want to solve the problem
C) The economic problem doesn’t exist

Meanwhile, this David Ignatius column is well done.

On Congress & AIG
Sure the public is outraged about the AIG bonuses. Meanwhile, members of Congress continue to grandstand their outrage in front of the press and committee hearings.

Meanwhile, Senator Chris Dodd (D-CT) is responsible for the legislation edit/loophole allowing the bonuses. Ever wonder about his main contributors? Here they are. (See these tabs: Industries, PACs, & Donors)

On Other Bonuses
While on vacation 2 weeks ago, I noticed a company paying big executive bonuses the day before reducing 401k contributions to all employees. I only wish I could recall the company’s name.

On Cheese
Staying with the theme of things that smell, if you want to learn more about cheese, check out this site.


7 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 16

  1. Spot on comments about Congressional Leaders on both sides of the Aisle.

    Chris Dodd is being caught up as much as anyone with this AIG scandal. But I do get a kick by the Right Wing saying Obama and Geitner are the ones who cooked up the idea of AIG paying out the bonuses while in fact this started with the Bailout bills done last year that was endorsed by Bush and many Republicans, The current administration’s blame here is that in alot of issues it seems to be just continuing the same direction as Bush. Niether side wants to solve the problem feeling that they can use this in the 2010 Mid-term elections thinking that the American People will blame the other party.

    Broudeur is great, But I wonder how many of his wins came in Overtime or a Shootout
    My vote for Best Goalie ever is Ken Dryden who won 6 Stanley Cups playing in 8 Seasons and dominating during that period much like Sandy Koufax dominated in his last years for the Dodgers.

    Check this link out,


    • There a lot going on in Washington, plus a lot of blame to go around. Of course when it comes to blame, DC is great at pointing the finger to others and forgetting that 3 fingers are pointing back to themselves.

      Ken Dryden was very good … simply dominating! Let’s face it, changes in schedules, seasons, etc have changed stats. Think about the NFL and Jim Brown’s accomplishments in a 12-game season (not 16)!

      Thanks Larry for reading and commenting.


  2. Jim Brown is a great example, When I talk with younger people about Running Backs and who was the best alot of them do not know how good he was or even how good OJ was. But when I whip out Browns stats they are convinced once they do the stats by the game and extended out to 16 games


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  4. Broduer is indeed one of the greatest ever. I did follow hockey a little bit during the time Gretzky played. The best I saw was Patrick Roy. It’s tough to compare eras and the number of games is one that will draw much attention to any debate.

    If you want another example about a change in stats and game play, look no further than Babe Ruth. I mean, people thought his all-time home run record was untouchable and they didn’t even play 162 game seasons. Combine that with him being a full-time pitcher early in his career and the many home runs taken away from him. Back in those days, any ball that hooked inside the foul pole and went to the outside of it was considered a foul ball then. Many have stated he actually his about 80 home runs(or more) in 1927 if that rule was fixed like we have it today. He would have had over 800 home runs easily if that rule existed then.

    I used to play on the same YMCA basketball team with a former women’s player. I also followed it fairly well when the Sooners had Stacey Dales(the same one associated with ESPN), and they made it to the final game against UCONN in a loss.

    Nice post again Frank!


    • Roy was another great one, yet I agree … tough to compare eras. This got me thinking about possibly doing a post on my favorite goalie … Mr. Goalie himself – Glenn Hall. Check out his stats … even at the end of his career … on an expanision team no less.

      Thanks David!


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